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New minor version.

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comment:1 by ken@…, 7 years ago

As expected, this now uses rust.

comment:2 by ken@…, 7 years ago

Testing on 1.23.0 (it only looks for cargo and rust, not for specific versions) I noted that it built TWO versions of itertools (v0.7.4 then v0.5.10). I thought I had a problem, for some time only one CPU was running rustc, and that one was pegged at 100% as if looping, but in the end it completed.

This was just a minimal build test, without docs or test, to see if rustc-1.23.0 would break it. Not tested with the version currently in the book.

comment:3 by bdubbs@…, 6 years ago

Version 2.42.0

  • Fix a memory leak in rsvg_handle_new_from_file() (Lovell Fuller).
  • Optimize the xml:space normalization function (Jordan Petridis).
  • gitlab#179 - fix a runtime warning in the feMergeNode code.
  • gitlab#175 - Clarify documentation about the rsvg_*_sub() APIs.
  • Stylistic fixes from cargo-clippy (Jordan Petridis).
  • Port the Pango glue code to Rust.
  • New with a description of librsvg's internals.

comment:4 by bdubbs@…, 6 years ago

Summary: librsvg-2.42.0librsvg-2.42.0 (wait for rust/ff58 upgrade)

I tried using the current rust and the build failed. We need to wait for ff58 which will also update rust to version 1.23.0.

comment:5 by bdubbs@…, 6 years ago

I've installed rust-1.23 but it is not in the book yet.

The build of this package works, but is quite mysterious. For the previous version, the build time was 0.2 SBU and took 14 MB to build. Now it takes 4.0 SBU and 611 MB.

In addition there are 17 test failures instead of 1.

As best I can tell right now, the executables, libraries, headers, etc are about the same size as before. There are no new programs or libraries.

Reported upstream:

comment:6 by bdubbs@…, 6 years ago

Summary: librsvg-2.42.0 (wait for rust/ff58 upgrade)librsvg-2.42.0 (wait for new rust/ff58 and 2.42.1 release)

Upstream responded to my issue and they have fixed the build time/size issues (mostly). From a git checkout the build time is about 0.6 SBU and build size 86M. That's a lot larger than before, but acceptable.

Waiting for the next version to be released.

comment:7 by ken@…, 6 years ago

When committing this, please update the note in rust "and is at the moment only used by one package in this book"

comment:8 by bdubbs@…, 6 years ago

Owner: changed from blfs-book@… to bdubbs@…
Status: newassigned
Summary: librsvg-2.42.0 (wait for new rust/ff58 and 2.42.1 release)librsvg-2.42.1

Version 2.42.1 has been released.

comment:9 by bdubbs@…, 6 years ago

Version 2.42.1

  • gitlab#182 - Parse the transform attribute in a faster/simpler way. We now use rust-cssparser instead of lalrpop. This is especially noticeable on SVGs with lots of "transform" attributes.
  • gitlab#187 - Don't crash when setting a gradient on a zero-sized object.
  • gitlab#184 - (Windows) Don't use PangoFT2 if not available (Chun-wei Fan).
  • gitlab#181 - Inherit attributes in the <svg> element properly.
  • gitlab#160 - rsvg-convert - fix error reporting when reading from stdin (Phlip Withnall).
  • gitlab#152 - Fix detection of image type in "data:" URIs when they don't specify a MIME type (Andreas Smas).
  • gitlab#117 - (Windows) rsvg-convert - Set stdout to O_BINARY (Bakhtiar Hasmanan).
  • gitlab#133 - More stringent parsing of path data; better tests.
  • (Windows/MSVC) Fix linking of the Rust internals library (Chun-wei Fan).
  • Fix typos and links in the .md files.

comment:10 by bdubbs@…, 6 years ago

Resolution: fixed
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Fixed at revision 19705.

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