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New minor version.

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### JOE 4.6

  • Enhancements
  • Upgrade to Unicode 10.0.0. Add configure environment variable that allows you select Unicode 8.0.0, 9.0.0 or 10.0.0.
  • Install Gnome .desktop files for JOE. This allows you to use JOE in GUI "Open With" mouse actions.
  • Support strikeout and double-underline attributes for the few terminal emulators that support them. Use "stricken" and "dunderline" in the syntax files, or \s and \z in help screens and status line.
  • Bugs fixed
  • Fix bug where JOE would sometimes crash when editing shell scripts. This was due to an obscure bug in the syntax highlighter: 'reset' command (used for default state) was incorrectly messing with stack.
  • -highlighter_context was missing from many file types, which negated some improvements from the previous version.
  • Fixed signed char overflow with old style mouse events in large windows
  • Fix bug where path restart () was being applied to block filter command prompt. Strange things would happen if you had adjacent slashes in command arguments.
  • Allow ~ expansion but suppress path restart () in compiler error parsing.
  • Restore default handling of SIGPIPE and SIGINT for shell commands. This fixes an issue where SIGPIPE doesn't terminate a process as expected, for example by the head -n 10 in: K R !sh -c 'while :; do echo y; done' | head -n 10. This issue only occurred in read/write to !, JOE already did the right thing for shell windows and the filter region through shell command.
  • Improve screen update algorithm so that spaces at the ends of lines are always emitted. This allows them to be preserved when cutting text with the mouse from a terminal emulator window.
  • Improve efficiency of screen update algorithm: JOE had been resetting attributes such as background color before performing cursor motions (probably as work around for bugs in old terminal emulators). This made screen update slow when there were many attributes, as with syntax highlighting and color schemes. It was also repeatedly emitting ESC [ K.
  • Switch JOE to issue scrolling commands, even at high baud rates (before this, JOE issued scrolling commands only at 19200 and below because it used to be that simple screen refresh was faster than scrolling in terminal emulators. But this is no longer true with complex screens involving color schemes, unicode and highlighting).

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Fixed at revision 19668.

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