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What's new in Sudo 1.8.23

  • PAM account management modules and BSD auto approval modules are now run even when no password is required.
  • For kernel-based time stamps, if no terminal is present, fall back to parent-pid style time stamps.
  • The new cvtsudoers utility replaces both the "sudoers2ldif" script and the "visudo -x" functionality. It can read a file in either sudoers or LDIF format and produce JSON, LDIF or sudoers output. It is also possible to filter the generated output file by user, group or host name.
  • The file, ldap and sss sudoers backends now share a common set of formatting functions for "sudo -l" output, which is also used by the cvtsudoers utility.
  • The /run directory is now used in preference to /var/run if it exists. Bug #822.
  • More accurate descriptions of the --with-rundir and --with-vardir configure options. Bug #823.
  • The setpassent() and setgroupent() functions are now used on systems that support them to keep the passwd and group database open. Sudo performs a lot of passwd and group lookups so it can be beneficial to avoid opening and closing the files each time.
  • The new case_insensitive_user and case_insensitive_group sudoers options can be used to control whether sudo does case-sensitive matching of users and groups in sudoers. Case insensitive matching is now the default.
  • Fixed a bug on some systems where sudo could hang on command exit when I/O logging was enabled. Bug #826.
  • Fixed the build-time process start time test on Linux when the test is run from within a container. Bug #829.
  • When determining which temporary directory to use, sudoedit now checks the directory for writability before using it. Previously, sudoedit only performed an existence check. Bug #827.
  • Sudo now includes an optional set of Monty Python-inspired insults.
  • Fixed the execution of scripts with an associated digest (checksum) in sudoers on FreeBSD systems. FreeBSD does not have a proper /dev/fd directory mounted by default and its fexecve(2) is not fully POSIX compliant when executing scripts. Bug #831.

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Fixed at revision 20133.

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