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New point version.

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Noteworthy changes in version 2.2.8 (2018-06-08)

  • gpg: Decryption of messages not using the MDC mode will now lead to a hard failure even if a legacy cipher algorithm was used. The option --ignore-mdc-error can be used to turn this failure into a warning. Take care: Never use that option unconditionally or without a prior warning.
  • gpg: The MDC encryption mode is now always used regardless of the cipher algorithm or any preferences. For testing --rfc2440 can be used to create a message without an MDC.
  • gpg: Sanitize the diagnostic output of the original file name in verbose mode. [CVE-2018-12020]
  • gpg: Detect suspicious multiple plaintext packets in a more reliable way.
  • gpg: Fix the duplicate key signature detection code.
  • gpg: The options --no-mdc-warn, --force-mdc, --no-force-mdc, --disable-mdc and --no-disable-mdc have no more effect.
  • agent: Add DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS and a few other envvars to the list of startup environment variables.

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Noteworthy changes in version 2.2.9 (2018-07-12)

  • dirmngr: Fix recursive resolver mode and other bugs in the libdns code. #3374,#3803,#3610
  • dirmngr: When using libgpg-error 1.32 or later a GnuPG build with NTBTLS support (e.g. the standard Windows installer) does not anymore block for dozens of seconds before returning data.
  • gpg: Fix bug in --show-keys which actually imported revocation certificates. #4017
  • gpg: Ignore too long user-ID and comment packets. #4022
  • gpg: Fix crash due to bad German translation. Improved printf format compile time check.
  • gpg: Handle missing ISSUER sub packet gracefully in the presence of the new ISSUER_FPR. #4046
  • gpg: Allow decryption using several passphrases in most cases. #3795,#4050
  • gpg: Command --show-keys now enables the list options show-unusable-uids, show-unusable-subkeys, show-notations and show-policy-urls by default.
  • gpg: Command --show-keys now prints revocation certificates. #4018
  • gpg: Add revocation reason to the "rev" and "rvs" records of the option --with-colons. #1173
  • gpg: Export option export-clean does now remove certain expired subkeys; export-minimal removes all expired subkeys. #3622
  • gpg: New "usage" property for the drop-subkey filters. #4019


See-also: gnupg-announce/2018q3/000427.html

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Summary: gnupg-2.2.8gnupg-2.2.9

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Fixed at revision 20260.

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