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New point version.

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Xapian-core 1.4.11 (2019-03-02): API:

  • MSet::SNIPPET_CJK_NGRAM - new flag for use with MSet::snippet() to enable support for selecting and highlighting snippets which works with the QueryParser and TermGenerator FLAG_CJK_NGRAM flags. This mode can also be enabled by setting environment variable XAPIAN_CJK_NGRAM to a non-empty value. (There was nominally already support for XAPIAN_CJK_NGRAM in MSet::snippet(), but it didn't work usefully - the highlighting added was all empty start/end pairs at the end of the span of CJK characters containing the CJK ngram terms, which to the user would typically look like it was selecting the end of the text and not highlighting anything).
  • Deprecate XAPIAN_CJK_NGRAM environment variable. There are now flags which can be used instead in all cases, and there's sadly no portable thread-safe way to read an environment variable so checking environment variables is problematic in library code that may be used in multithreaded programs.
  • Query::OP_ELITE_SET currently incorrectly recursively flattens any OP_OR (or OP_OR-like) subqueries into the list of subqueries it selects from - until that's fixed, we now select from the full exploded list rather than the last n (where n is the number of direct subqueries of the OP_ELITE_SET).


  • Testcases which need a generated database now get run with a sharded database.

  • Avoid using strerror() in the testsuite which removes an obstacle to running tests in parallel in separate threads.


  • Extend detection of cases of OP_SYNONYM with disjoint subqueries (which means we don't need document length) which was added in 1.4.8 - we now detect when all subqueries are different terms, or when all subqueries are non-overlapping wildcards. The second case is what QueryParser produces for a wildcard or partial query with a query prefix which maps to more than one term prefix.

glass backend:

  • Handle an empty value slot lower bound gracefully. This shouldn't happen for a non-empty slot, but has been reported by a notmuch user so it seems there is (or perhaps was as the database was several years old) a way it can come about. We now check for this situation and set the smallest possible valid lower bound instead, so other code assuming a valid lower bound will work correctly.

chert backend:

  • Handle an empty value slot lower bound gracefully, equivalent to the change made for glass.


  • HACKING: We no longer use auto_ptr<>.
  • NEWS: Correct factual error in old entry - the 0.4.1 release was Open Muscat not OmSee (the OmSee name was only applied after that final release was made, and only used internally to BrightStation).


  • Suppress more clang -Wself-assign-overloaded warnings in testcases which are deliberately testing handling of self-assignment.
  • Add missing includes of <cerrno>.

debug code:

  • When configured with --enable-log, the O_SYNC flag was always specified when opening the logfile, with the intention that the most recent log entries wouldn't get lost if there was a crash, but O_SYNC can incur a significant performance overhead and most debugging is not of such crashes. So we no longer specify O_SYNC by default, but you can now request synchronous logging by including %! anywhere in the filename specified with XAPIAN_DEBUG_LOG (the %! is replaced with the empty string). We also now use O_DSYNC if available in preference to O_SYNC, since the mtime of the log file isn't important.

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Fixed at revision 21279.

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