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Overview of changes in libqmi 1.24.0

  • New services:
    • New 'GAS' (Telit General Application Service) service, which allows switching between stored firmware images in Telit devices.
  • New request/responses/indications:
    • uim: implement 'Change Provisioning Session' request/response.
    • nas: implement Sierra-specific 'Swi Get Status' request/response.
  • New TLVs supported in existing messages:
    • nas: added 'Usage Preference' in "Get/Set System Selection Preference".
    • nas: added 'Network Name Source' in "Get Serving System" and "Get Home Network".
    • nas: added 'LTE Cell Access Status' in "Get System Info".
    • nas: added 'IMS Voice Support' in "Get System Info".
    • nas: added 'LTE eMBMS Coverage Info Trace ID' in "Get System Info".
    • nas: added 'Network Selection Registration Restriction' in "Get System Info".
    • nas: added 'LTE Registration Domain' in "Get System Info".
    • nas: added 'Disabled Modes' in "Get System Selection Preference".
    • nas: added 'Network Selection Registration Restriction" in "Get/Set System Selection Preference".
    • nas: added 'Voice Domain Preference' in "Get/Set System Selection Preference".
    • nas: added 'Network Scan Result' in "Network Scan".
    • dms: added 'Imei Software Version" in "Get IDs".
  • libqmi:
    • New qmi_device_command_abortable() async method is used with requests that are abortable (both "WDS Start Network" and "NAS Network Scan" so far), so that the method waits for either the request succeed or for the abort operation to finish. This new method solves races when a successful response to the message is received after the abort has been requested (e.g. if receiving a successful response to WDS Start Network after the abort request has been sent, the async operation succeeds and the abort will be ignored). The user must understand that aborting a command initiated with qmi_device_command_abortable() doesn't mean it will fail as aborted, the command may actually succeed. Although this is a new command in the interface, both qmi_client_wds_start_network() and qmi_client_nas_network_scan() will use it internally and transparently for the user.
    • New qmi_message_new_from_data() and qmi_message_get_data() methods to work with QMI messages that don't have QMUX headers.
    • New support for symlinks in /dev/cdc-wdm ports.
    • QMI over MBIM transaction timeout logic was simplified in order to rely on the QMI transaction timeout instead of the MBIM one.
    • Reworked internals to have different 'QMI endpoint' implementations, in order to easily integrate new transports like QRTR.
    • Added definition of LTE bands 164 through 168 in NAS service.
    • Added retry support when opening the QmiDevice with the SYNC flag only (without the VERSION_CHECK).
  • qmi-proxy:
    • New '--empty-timeout=[SECS}' option.
  • qmicli:
    • New '--uim-change-provisioning-session' command.
    • New '--gas-dms-get-firmware-list' command.
    • New '--gas-dms-get-active-firmware' command.
    • New '--gas-dms-set-active-firmware' command.
    • New '--gas-noop' command.
    • New '--nas-swi-get-status' command.
    • Added support to request auto/manual network attachment when using '--nas-set-system-selection-preference'.
  • qmi-firmware-update:
    • Added support for upgrading the Sierra Wireless EM7565 module with the new Sahara/Firehose protocol.
  • Several other minor improvements and fixes.
  • Build updated to explicitly define max allowed GLib version.
  • New request/responses/indications:
    • uim: new "Register Events" request/response.
    • dms: new "Dell Change Device Mode" request/response.
    • dms: new "Dell Get Firmware Version" request/response.
  • qmicli:
    • New '--dms-dell-change-device-mode' command.
    • New '--dms-dell-get-firmware-version' command.

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