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Jinja2-2.11.0 (Python Module)

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Summary: Jinja2-2.11.0 (Pythin Module)Jinja2-2.11.0 (Python Module)

Version 2.11.0

-   Drop support for Python 2.6, 3.3, and 3.4. This will be the last
    version to support Python 2.7 and 3.5.
-   Added a new ``ChainableUndefined`` class to support getitem and
    getattr on an undefined object. :issue:`977`
-   Allow ``{%+`` syntax (with NOP behavior) when ``lstrip_blocks`` is
    disabled. :issue:`748`
-   Added a ``default`` parameter for the ``map`` filter. :issue:`557`
-   Exclude environment globals from
    :func:`meta.find_undeclared_variables`. :issue:`931`
-   Float literals can be written with scientific notation, like
    2.56e-3. :issue:`912`, :pr:`922`
-   Int and float literals can be written with the '_' separator for
    legibility, like 12_345. :pr:`923`
-   Fix a bug causing deadlocks in ``LRUCache.setdefault``. :pr:`1000`
-   The ``trim`` filter takes an optional string of characters to trim.
-   A new ``jinja2.ext.debug`` extension adds a ``{% debug %}`` tag to
    quickly dump the current context and available filters and tests.
    :issue:`174`, :pr:`798, 983`
-   Lexing templates with large amounts of whitespace is much faster.
    :issue:`857`, :pr:`858`
-   Parentheses around comparisons are preserved, so
    ``{{ 2 * (3 < 5) }}`` outputs "2" instead of "False".
    :issue:`755`, :pr:`938`
-   Add new ``boolean``, ``false``, ``true``, ``integer`` and ``float``
    tests. :pr:`824`
-   The environment's ``finalize`` function is only applied to the
    output of expressions (constant or not), not static template data.
-   When providing multiple paths to ``FileSystemLoader``, a template
    can have the same name as a directory. :issue:`821`
-   Always return :class:`Undefined` when omitting the ``else`` clause
    in a ``{{ 'foo' if bar }}`` expression, regardless of the
    environment's ``undefined`` class. Omitting the ``else`` clause is a
    valid shortcut and should not raise an error when using
    :class:`StrictUndefined`. :issue:`710`, :pr:`1079`
-   Fix behavior of ``loop`` control variables such as ``length`` and
    ``revindex0`` when looping over a generator. :issue:`459, 751, 794`,
-   Async support is only loaded the first time an environment enables
    it, in order to avoid a slow initial import. :issue:`765`
-   In async environments, the ``|map`` filter will await the filter
    call if needed. :pr:`913`
-   In for loops that access ``loop`` attributes, the iterator is not
    advanced ahead of the current iteration unless ``length``,
    ``revindex``, ``nextitem``, or ``last`` are accessed. This makes it
    less likely to break ``groupby`` results. :issue:`555`, :pr:`1101`
-   In async environments, the ``loop`` attributes ``length`` and
    ``revindex`` work for async iterators. :pr:`1101`
-   In async environments, values from attribute/property access will
    be awaited if needed. :pr:`1101`
-   :class:`~loader.PackageLoader` doesn't depend on setuptools or
    pkg_resources. :issue:`970`
-   ``PackageLoader`` has limited support for :pep:`420` namespace
    packages. :issue:`1097`
-   Support :class:`os.PathLike` objects in
    :class:`~loader.FileSystemLoader` and :class:`~loader.ModuleLoader`.
-   :class:`~nativetypes.NativeTemplate` correctly handles quotes
    between expressions. ``"'{{ a }}', '{{ b }}'"`` renders as the tuple
    ``('1', '2')`` rather than the string ``'1, 2'``. :issue:`1020`
-   Creating a :class:`~nativetypes.NativeTemplate` directly creates a
    :class:`~nativetypes.NativeEnvironment` instead of a default
    :class:`Environment`. :issue:`1091`
-   After calling ``LRUCache.copy()``, the copy's queue methods point to
    the correct queue. :issue:`843`
-   Compiling templates always writes UTF-8 instead of defaulting to the
    system encoding. :issue:`889`
-   ``|wordwrap`` filter treats existing newlines as separate paragraphs
    to be wrapped individually, rather than creating short intermediate
    lines. :issue:`175`
-   Add ``break_on_hyphens`` parameter to ``|wordwrap`` filter.
-   Cython compiled functions decorated as context functions will be
    passed the context. :pr:`1108`
-   When chained comparisons of constants are evaluated at compile time,
    the result follows Python's behavior of returning ``False`` if any
    comparison returns ``False``, rather than only the last one.
-   Tracebacks for exceptions in templates show the correct line numbers
    and source for Python >= 3.7. :issue:`1104`
-   Tracebacks for template syntax errors in Python 3 no longer show
    internal compiler frames. :issue:`763`
-   Add a ``DerivedContextReference`` node that can be used by
    extensions to get the current context and local variables such as
    ``loop``. :issue:`860`
-   Constant folding during compilation is applied to some node types
    that were previously overlooked. :issue:`733`
-   ``TemplateSyntaxError.source`` is not empty when raised from an
    included template. :issue:`457`
-   Passing an ``Undefined`` value to ``get_template`` (such as through
    ``extends``, ``import``, or ``include``), raises an
    ``UndefinedError`` consistently. ``select_template`` will show the
    undefined message in the list of attempts rather than the empty
    string. :issue:`1037`
-   ``TemplateSyntaxError`` can be pickled. :pr:`1117`

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