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New minor version. Fourth release in 82 days this year.

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comment:1 by Bruce Dubbs, 4 years ago

RelNotesGit 2.26 Release Notes

Updates since v2.25

Backward compatibility notes

  • "git rebase" uses a different backend that is based on the 'merge' machinery by default. There are a few known differences in the behaviour from the traditional machinery based on patch+apply.

If your workflow is negatively affected by this change, please report it to git@… so that we can take a look into it. After doing so, you can set the 'rebase.backend' configuration variable to 'apply', in order to use the old default behaviour in the meantime.

UI, Workflows & Features

  • Sample credential helper for using .netrc has been updated to work out of the box.
  • gpg.minTrustLevel configuration variable has been introduced to tell various signature verification codepaths the required minimum trust level.
  • The command line completion (in contrib/) learned to complete subcommands and arguments to "git worktree".
  • Disambiguation logic to tell revisions and pathspec apart has been tweaked so that backslash-escaped glob special characters do not count in the "wildcards are pathspec" rule.
  • One effect of specifying where the GIT_DIR is (either with the environment variable, or with the "git --git-dir=<where> cmd" option) is to disable the repository discovery. This has been placed a bit more stress in the documentation, as new users often get confused.
  • Two help messages given when "git add" notices the user gave it nothing to add have been updated to use advise() API.
  • A new version of fsmonitor-watchman hook has been introduced, to avoid races.
  • "git config" learned to show in which "scope", in addition to in which file, each config setting comes from.
  • The basic 7 colors learned the brighter counterparts (e.g. "brightred").
  • "git sparse-checkout" learned a new "add" subcommand.
  • A configuration element used for credential subsystem can now use wildcard pattern to specify for which set of URLs the entry applies.
  • "git clone --recurse-submodules --single-branch" now uses the same single-branch option when cloning the submodules.
  • "git rm" and "git stash" learns the new "--pathspec-from-file" option.
  • "git am --show-current-patch" is a way to show the piece of e-mail for the stopped step, which is not suitable to directly feed "git apply" (it is designed to be a good "git am" input). It learned a new option to show only the patch part.
  • Handling of conflicting renames in merge-recursive have further been made consistent with how existing codepaths try to mimic what is done to add/add conflicts.

Performance, Internal Implementation, Development Support etc.

  • Tell .editorconfig that in this project, *.txt files are indented with tabs.
  • The test-lint machinery knew to check "VAR=VAL shell_function" construct, but did not check "VAR= shell_function", which has been corrected.
  • Replace "git config --bool" calls with "git config --type=bool" in sample templates.
  • The effort to move "git-add--interactive" to C continues.
  • Improve error message generation for "git submodule add".
  • Preparation of test scripts for the day when the object names will use SHA-256 continues.
  • Warn programmers about pretend_object_file() that allows the code to tentatively use in-core objects.
  • The way "git pack-objects" reuses objects stored in existing pack to generate its result has been improved.
  • The transport protocol version 2 becomes the default one.
  • Traditionally, we avoided threaded grep while searching in objects (as opposed to files in the working tree) as accesses to the object layer is not thread-safe. This limitation is getting lifted.
  • "git rebase -i" (and friends) used to unnecessarily check out the tip of the branch to be rebased, which has been corrected.
  • A low-level API function get_oid(), that accepts various ways to name an object, used to issue end-user facing error messages without l10n, which has been updated to be translatable.
  • Unneeded connectivity check is now disabled in a partial clone when fetching into it.
  • Some rough edges in the sparse-checkout feature, especially around the cone mode, have been cleaned up.
  • The diff-* plumbing family of subcommands now pay attention to the diff.wsErrorHighlight configuration, which has been ignored before; this allows "git add -p" to also show the whitespace problems to the end user.
  • Some codepaths were given a repository instance as a parameter to work in the repository, but passed the_repository instance to its callees, which has been cleaned up (somewhat).
  • Memory footprint and performance of "git name-rev" has been improved.
  • The object reachability bitmap machinery and the partial cloning machinery were not prepared to work well together, because some object-filtering criteria that partial clones use inherently rely on object traversal, but the bitmap machinery is an optimization to bypass that object traversal. There however are some cases where they can work together, and they were taught about them.
  • "git rebase" has learned to use the merge backend (i.e. the machinery that drives "rebase -i") by default, while allowing "--apply" option to use the "apply" backend (e.g. the moral equivalent of "format-patch piped to am"). The rebase.backend configuration variable can be set to customize.
  • Underlying machinery of "git bisect--helper" is being refactored into pieces that are more easily reused.

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