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New point version.

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fetchmail-6.4.3 (released 2020-04-05, 27530 LoC): ## BUGFIXES:

  • Plug memory leaks when parts of the configuration (defaults, rcfile, command line) override one another.
  • fetchmail terminated the placeholder command string too late and included garbage from the heap at the end of the string. Workaround: don't use place- holders %h or %p in the --plugin string. Bug added in 6.4.0 when merging Gitlab merge request !5 in order to fix an input buffer overrun. Faulty commit 418cda65f752e367fa663fd13884a45fcbc39ddd. Reported by Stefan Thurner, Gitlab issue #16.
  • Fetchmail now checks for errors when trying to read the .idfile, Gitlab issue #3.
  • Fetchmail's error messages that reports that the defaults entry isn't the first was made more precise. It could be misleading if there was a poll or skip statement before the defaults.


  • Fetchmail documentation was updated to require OpenSSL 1.1.1. OpenSSL 1.0.2 reached End Of Life status at the end of the year 2019. Fetchmail will tolerate, but warn about, 1.0.2 for now on the assumption that distributors backport security fixes as the need arises. Fetchmail will also warn if another SSL library that is API-compatible with OpenSSL lacks TLS v1.3 support.
  • If the trust anchor is missing, fetchmail refers the user to README.SSL.


  • The AC_DECLS(getenv) check was removed, its only user was broken and not accounting for that AC_DECLS always defines HAVE_DECL_... to 0 or 1, so fetchmail never declared a missing getenv() symbol (it was testing with #ifdef). Remove the backup declaration. getenv is mandated by SUSv2 anyways.


  • sq: Besnik Bleta [Albanian]
  • zh_CN: Boyuan Yang [Chinese (simplified)]
  • pl: Jakub Bogusz [Polish]
  • cs: Petr Pisar [Czech]
  • fr: Frédéric Marchal [French]
  • sv: Göran Uddeborg [Swedish]
  • eo: Felipe Castro [Esperanto]

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