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# NEWS for rsync 3.2.2 (4 Jul 2020)

## Changes in this version:


  • Avoid a crash when a daemon module enables transfer logging without setting a log format value.
  • Fixed installing rsync-ssl script from an alternate build dir.
  • Fixed the updating of from an alternate build dir.
  • Apple requires the asm function name to begin with an underscore.
  • Avoid a test failure in the daemon test when --atimes is disabled.


  • Allow the server side to restrict checksum & compression choices via the same environment variables the client uses. The env vars can be divided into "client list & server list" by the "&" char or the same list can apply to both.
  • Simplify how the negotiation environment variables apply when interacting with an older rsync and also when a list contains only invalid names.
  • Do not allow a negotiated checksum or compression choice of "none" unless the user authorized it via an environment variable or command-line option.
  • Added the --max-alloc=SIZE option to be able to override the memory allocator's sanity-check limit. It defaults to 1G (as before) but the error message when exceeding it specifically mentions the new option so that you can differentiate an out-of-memory error from a failure of this limit. It also allows you to specify the value via the RSYNC_MAX_ALLOC environment variable.
  • Add the "open atime" daemon parameter to allow a daemon to always enable or disable the use of O_NOATIME (the default is to let the user control it).
  • The default systemd config was changed to remove the ProtectHome=on setting since rsync is often used to serve files in /home and /root and this seemed a bit too strict. Feel free to use systemctl edit rsync to add that restriction (or maybe ProtectHome=read-only), if you like. See the 3.2.0 NEWS for the other restrictions that were added compared to 3.1.3.
  • The memory allocation functions now automatically check for a failure and die when out of memory. This eliminated some caller-side check-and-die code and added some missing sanity-checking of allocations.
  • Put optimizations into their own list in the --version output.
  • Improved the man page a bit more.


  • Prepared the checksum code for an upcoming xxHash release that provides new XXH3 (64-bit) & XXH128 (128-bit) checksum routines. These will not be compiled into rsync until the xxhash v0.8.0 include files are installed on the build host, and that release is a few weeks away at the time this was written. So, if it's now the future and you have packaged and installed xxhash-0.8.0-devel, a fresh rebuild of rsync 3.2.2 will give you the new checksum routines. Just make sure that the new rsync package depends on xxhash >= 0.8.0.


  • Moved the version number out of into its own version.h file so that we don't need to reconfigure just because the version number changes.
  • Moved the daemon parameter list into daemon-parm.txt so that an awk script can create the interrelated structs and accessors that loadparm.c needs.

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