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New point version.

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Changes in version 2.1.12-stable (05 Jul 2020)

This release contains mostly bug fixes (I decided not to port some features that can be ported even without ABI breakage, if you cannot find feature that you are interested in, please give us a note!)

Since 2.1.12 libevent will use github actions as main CI, since it recommends itself better then travis/appveyor (and had been removed from upstream).

Look carefully at "slightly touches the behaviour" section.

Below you will find some of changes (this list has been cleaned up from the patches that touches only tests and similar):


  • Backport github actions to 2.1
  • Merge branch ''
  • Add API/ABI checker (using LVC)


  • tinytest: support timeout on Windows
  • Merge branch 'osx-clock'
  • test-ratelim: calculate timers bias (for slow CPUs) to avoid false-positive


  • buffer: do not pass NULL to memcpy() from evbuffer_pullup()
  • http: fix undefined-shift in EVUTIL_IS*_ helpers
  • Check error code of evhttp_add_header_internal() in evhttp_parse_query_impl()
  • http: fix EVHTTP_CON_AUTOFREE in case of timeout (and some else)
  • evdns: Add additional validation for values of dns options
  • There is typo in GetAdaptersAddresses windows library. It should be iphlpapi.dll
  • Merge branch 'EV_CLOSED-and-EV_ET-fixes'
  • Fix memory corruption in EV_CLOSURE_EVENT_FINALIZE with debug enabled
  • increase segment refcnt only if evbuffer_add_file_segment() succeeds
  • evdns: fix a crash when evdns_base with waiting requests is freed
  • event_base_once: fix potential null pointer threat
  • http: do not assume body for CONNECT
  • evbuffer_add_file: fix freeing of segment in the error path
  • Fix checking return value of the evdns_base_resolv_conf_parse()
  • Merge branch 'fix-signal-leak' (poll/select now needs reinit)


  • evutil_time: improve evutil_gettimeofday on Windows
  • Support EV_CLOSED on linux for poll(2)
  • Parse IPv6 scope IDs.
  • evutil_time: Implements usleep() using wait funtion on Windows
  • evutil_time: detect and use _gmtime64_s()/_gmtime64()

slightly t-uches the behaviour:

  • bufferevent: allow setting priority on socket and openssl type
  • Fix EV_CLOSED detection/reporting (epoll only)
  • Revert "Warn if forked from the event loop during event_reinit()"


  • https-client: load certificates from the system cert store on Windows

build fixes:

  • Do not use sysctl.h on linux (it had been deprecated)
  • cmake: avoid problems from use of CMAKE_USE_PTHREADS_INIT
  • Update list of cmake files for autotools dist archive
  • LibeventConfig.cmake: restore CMAKE_FIND_LIBRARY_SUFFIXES and LIBEVENT_STATIC_LINK default
  • cmake: fix getaddrinfo checking error
  • autoconf: fix getaddrinfo checking errors on mingw
  • Do not use shared global structures on CYGWIN
  • Added uninstall target check to cmakelists
  • Fix compilation without OPENSSL_API_COMPAT
  • cmake: improve package config file
  • Link with iphlpapi only on windows
  • autotools: fails build when need but can not find openssl
  • Merge branch 'http-connect'
  • Fix compat with NetBSD >= 10
  • cmake: fix getrandom() detection
  • arc4random: replace sysctl() with getrandom (on linux)
  • Upgrade autoconf (after upgrading minimum required to 2.67)
  • eliminate some C4267 warnings in Windows
  • autotools: attach doxygen target into all target
  • cmake: attach doxygen target into all target
  • Change the minimum version of automake to 1.13 and autoconf to 2.67
  • Add into dist archive

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Resolution: fixed
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Fixed at revision 23366.

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Milestone: 10,010.0

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