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New minor version.

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Guess the "-RC1" is an oversight

Version 10.36-RC1 04-December-2020

1. Add CET_CFLAGS so that when Intel CET is enabled, pass -mshstk to
compiler. This fixes Patch for and by H.J. Lu. Equivalent patch for CMakeLists.txt
invented by PH.

2. Fix inifinite loop when a single byte newline is searched in JIT when
invalid utf8 mode is enabled.

3. Updated CMakeLists.txt with patch from Wolfgang Stöggl (Bugzilla #2584):

  - Include GNUInstallDirs and use ${CMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR} instead of hardcoded
    lib. This allows differentiation between lib and lib64.
    CMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR is used for installation of libraries and also for
    pkgconfig file generation.

  - Add the version of PCRE2 to the configuration summary like ./configure


4. Updated CMakeLists.txt with another patch from Wolfgang Stöggl (Bugzilla

  - Add escaped double quotes around include directory in CMakeLists.txt to
    allow spaces in directory names.

  - This fixes a cmake error, if the path of the pcre2 source contains a space.

5. Updated CMakeLists.txt with a patch from B. Scott Michel: CMake's
documentation suggests using CHECK_SYMBOL_EXISTS over CHECK_FUNCTION_EXIST.
Moreover, these functions come from specific header files, which need to be
specified (and, thankfully, are the same on both the Linux and WinXX

6. Added a (uint32_t) cast to prevent a compiler warning in pcre2_compile.c.

7. Applied a patch from Wolfgang Stöggl (Bugzilla #2600) to fix postfix for
debug Windows builds using CMake. This also updated configure so that it
generates *.pc files and pcre2-config with the same content, as in the past.

8. If a pattern ended with (?(VERSION=n.d where n is any number but d is just a
single digit, the code unit beyond d was being read (i.e. there was a read
buffer overflow). Fixes ClusterFuzz 23779.

9. After the rework in r1235, certain character ranges were incorrectly
handled by an optimization in JIT. Furthermore a wrong offset was used to
read a value from a buffer which could lead to memory overread.

10. Unnoticed for many years was the fact that delimiters other than / in the
testinput1 and testinput4 files could cause incorrect behaviour when these
files were processed by There were several tests that used quotes
as delimiters, and it was just luck that they didn't go wrong with
All the patterns in testinput1 and testinput4 now use / as their delimiter.
This fixes Bugzilla #2641.

11. Perl has started to give an error for \K within lookarounds (though there
are cases where it doesn't). PCRE2 still allows this, so the tests that include
this case have been moved from test 1 to test 2.

12. Further to 10 above, pcre2test has been updated to detect and grumble if a
delimiter other than / is used after #perltest.

13. Fixed a bug with PCRE2_MATCH_INVALID_UTF in 8-bit mode when PCRE2_CASELESS
was set and PCRE2_NO_START_OPTIMIZE was not set. The optimization for finding
the start of a match was not resetting correctly after a failed match on the
first valid fragment of the subject, possibly causing incorrect "no match"
returns on subsequent fragments. For example, the pattern /A/ failed to match
the subject \xe5A. Fixes Bugzilla #2642.

14. Fixed a bug in character set matching when JIT is enabled and both unicode
scripts and unicode classes are present at the same time.

15. Added GNU grep's -m (aka --max-count) option to pcre2grep.

16. Refactored substitution processing in pcre2grep strings, both for the -O
option and when dealing with callouts. There is now a single function that
handles $ expansion in all cases (instead of multiple copies of almost
identical code). This means that the same escape sequences are available
everywhere, which was not previously the case. At the same time, the escape
sequences $x{...} and $o{...} have been introduced, to allow for characters
whose code points are greater than 255 in Unicode mode.

17. Applied the patch from Bugzilla #2628 to RunGrepTest. This does an explicit
test for a version of sed that can handle binary zero, instead of assuming that
any Linux version will work. Later: replaced $(...) by `...` because not all
shells recognize the former.

18. Fixed a word boundary check bug in JIT when partial matching is enabled.

19. Fix ARM64 compilation warning in JIT. Patch by Carlo.

20. A bug in the RunTest script meant that if the first part of test 2 failed,
the failure was not reported.

21. Test 2 was failing when run from a directory other than the source
directory. This failure was previously missed in RunTest because of 20 above.
Fixes added to both RunTest and RunTest.bat.

22. Patch to CMakeLists.txt from Daniel to fix problem with testing under

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Resolution: fixed
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Upstream says that sourceforge is an unofficial mirror. I've changed the links to what upstream considers official.

Fixed at r23956

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