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tk- (wait for tcl-8.6.11 in LFS)

Reported by: Bruce Dubbs Owned by: Pierre Labastie
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New point version.

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comment:1 by Bruce Dubbs, 23 months ago

Summary: tk-8.6.11tk-8.6.11 (wait for tcl-8.6.11 in LFS)

comment:2 by Pierre Labastie, 23 months ago

Owner: changed from blfs-book to Pierre Labastie
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comment:3 by Pierre Labastie, 23 months ago

Summary of Changes since Tcl/Tk 8.6.10:

This is a patch release, so it primarily includes bug fixes and corrections
to erratic behavior.  Highlighted changes are noted below.  The changes file
at the root of the source tree contains a more complete list.  The Timelines
of all changes are online.


   * Tk improvements on Mac OSX (including Big Sur) / Aqua
      - Support that Big Sur calls itself Mac OSX version 11
      - Startup improvements in Tk applications
      - Keyboard: Rewrite of the Key event system, improved PressAndHold
      - Menubar: unresponsive, special menus, standard about dialog
      - Dark mode: white cursors, combobox focus ring, [winfo rgb]
      - Full screen: tiled window support, introspection and events
      - Mouse: revised default middle button bindings, drags across title bar
      - Appearance: complete floating windows, progressbar animation,
        colored text, compound buttons, boundaries, virtual events
      - Semantic colors: systemControlAccentColor, systemLinkColor
      - consistent finalization by different exit scenarios
      - Fix frame offset after [wm manage]
      - Fix -filetypes option for file dialogs

   * [TIP 581] disfavor Master/Slave terminology

   * Tk improvements on Windows
      - Workaround Win 10 bug related to mouse warping, bind-34.3
      - Stop [$treeview -show] growing width by 1 pixel
      - Broken appearance of long angled text line display
      - Ttk widget scaling on high resolution displays
      - Improvements in default theme selection

   * Revised handling of 4-byte UTF-8 sequences

   * Revised [binary (en|de)code base64] for RFC compliance and roundtrip

   * Tcl_DStringAppendElement # quoting precision, dstring-2.13, dstring-3.10

   * Extended [clock scan] ISO format and time zone support

   * Allow for select/copy from disabled text widget on all platforms

   * Revised case of [info loaded] module names

   * [info hostname] reports DNS name, not NetBIOS name

   * Force -eofchar \032 when evaluating library scripts

   * Revised error messages: "too few" => "not enough"

   * Support system encoding init to utf-8 on Windows

   * Fix crashes or hangs in...
      - [lsort [lrepeat 89478486 {}]]
      - program startup with NULL environment on Windows.
      - errors in parser initialization
      - Aqua window management interactions with Touchbar
      - Aqua full screen toggle
      - Aqua widget resizes during display callback
      - Aqua color caching scheme
      - Aqua button destruction during active animation
      - X11: font initialization when no fonts installed
      - X11: xft attempt to use Noto Color Emoji font
      - X11: attempt to display angled text w/o xft, canvText-20.2
   * Fix memory issues...
      - proper ref counts for failed [superclass], oo-1.18.[45]
      - index input validation for Tcl_Get(Range|UniChar)
      - checking for trailing / on an empty path
      - revise extensible structs to make more compiler checks happy
      - invalid mem read buffer in Tk_PhotoPut(Zoomed)Block
      - double free when entry validation sets text variable, entry-19.21
      - read from before buffer in Tk_FreeSavedOptions

   * Repair regressions in...
      - \U1E2165 and \U10E2165 parsing stops, utf-10.[67]
      - [string match \[a\u0000 a\x80] should return 0, util-5.52
      - [string trim $invalid-utf-8], string-20.[78]
      - support for com1: as Windows serial port
      - handling of notebook option -compound
      - Some bind scripts not eval'd in global scope
      - <Escape><Control-c> bind sequence, bind-33.(16-21)
   * Rewrite of zlib inflation for multi-stream and completeness

   * Run fileevents in proper thread after [thread::attach $channel]

   * Make combobox -postoffset option work with default style

   * Support MouseWheel bindings for ttk::scrollbar

   * Improve appearance of text selection in [*entry] widgets

   * Make Ttk widgets respect -cursor option

   * Make spinbox use proper names in query of option database

   * Prevent unspecified fontchooser options reverting to defaults

   * Internationalize font styles in fontchooser dialog

   * Prevent cycle in command resolution, namespace-57.0

   * Proper rejection of overlong sequences by Tcl_UtfPrev, utf-7.(24-46)

   * Fix auto_path initialization by Safe Base interps

   * Fix [expr 1e2147483648] to not return 0.0

   * Treeview scrolling, entry-2.1.1, treeview-9.2

   * Provide mouse binding for ttk::scrollbar grip

   * Display treeview focus ring when -selectmode none

   * Fix cascade tearoff menu redraw artifacts

   * Corrupt result from [$c postscript] with -file or -channel

   * Stop [unload] corruption of list of loaded packages

   * Preserve canvas tag list order during add/delete

   * Fix bad interaction between grab and mouse pointer warp, bind-36.1

   * Fix errno management in socket full close

   * Don't let focus events break entry validation, entry-10.1

   * Handle duplicates in spinbox -values list, spinbox-4.[0-2]

   * Fix [$canvas icursor] for non-default scroll region.

   * Fix focus on unmapped windows, focus-7.1 

   * Win: env var encoding, env-2.5

   * Encoding tis-620 failed to load

   * Support for Unicode 13

   * tzdata updated to Olson's tzdata2020e

   * Updated bundled packages
      - Itcl 4.2.1
      - sqlite3 3.34.0
      - Thread 2.8.6
      - TDBC* 1.1.2
      - http 2.9.5, binary POST, -keepalive, -headers type safety
      - tcltest 2.5.3, -singleproc 1 exit codes
      - registry 1.3.5, C++ compat
      - dde 1.4.3, C++ compat
      - opt 0.4.8
      - platform 1.0.15

comment:4 by Pierre Labastie, 23 months ago

Summary: tk-8.6.11 (wait for tcl-8.6.11 in LFS)tk- (wait for tcl-8.6.11 in LFS)


        The source code distribution of Tk, packaged as a gzipped
        tar archive file.  This is a correction release.  It differs from
        Tk 8.6.11 by only a single character patch to the file
        tk8.6.11/library/ttk/utils.tcl to fix the bug recorded in ticket 
        Without this fix, the MouseWheel bindings of ttk widgets are
        severely broken, most noticeably on Windows systems.

comment:5 by Pierre Labastie, 23 months ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: assignedclosed

Fixed at r24115

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