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comment:1 by Douglas R. Reno, 23 months ago

Contains a fix for CVE-2017-11331. First release in 10 years!

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comment:4 by Douglas R. Reno, 22 months ago

vorbis-tools 1.4.2 -- 2021-01-21
 * Cleanup of the build system
 * Code cleanup
 * Removed outdated debian/, and vorbis-tools.spec
 * Updated po/ to reflect new code positions
 * ogg123, ogginfo: Added support to decode METADATA_BLOCK_PICTURE
 * ogginfo: Added support for decoding Skeleton

vorbis-tools 1.4.1 -- Unreleased (2020-12-21)

 * Updated documentation including manpages (including: #1679, Debian bug: #359948)
 * Cleanup of the build system
 * Code cleanup
 * Fixed invalid handling of input data (#2007)
 * Fixed build with MSVC.
 * Added gitlab-ci configuration
 * oggenc, oggdec: Fixed memory leak
 * oggenc, ogg123: Always link libm
 * oggenc: Fixed RIFF/WAVE 6.1 channel mapping (#1749)
 * oggenc: Fixed --ignorelength (#1803)
 * oggenc: Fixed crash on raw input (#2009)
 * oggenc: Reject files with invalid sample rates (#2078)
 * oggenc: Fixed crash when encoding from stdin
 * oggenc: Fixed floating point error (Debian bug: #328266, #634855)
 * oggenc: Fixed large alloca on bad AIFF input (#2212, Debian bug: #797461, CVE: CVE-2015-6749)
 * oggenc: Validate count of channels in the header (#2136, #2137, Debian bug: #776086, CVE: CVE-2014-9638, CVE-2014-9639)
 * oggdec: Fixed write of version to not corrupt data (Debian bug: #595104)
 * oggdec: Fixed crash on stream errors (#2148, Debian bug: #772978, Ubuntu bug: #629135)
 * oggdec: Use translations (#2149, Debian bug: #772976)
 * oggdec: Fixed output to stdout (Do not write "-.wav" files) (#1678, Debian bug: 263762)
 * ogg123: Fixed format string error
 * ogg123: Fixed playback of stereo speex tracks with no intensity signal (#1676)
 * ogg123: Fixed locking/synchronization error
 * ogg123: Fixed freeze on interupt at EOF (#1956, Debian bug: #307325)
 * ogg123: Fixed wrong display of status lines (#1677, Debian bug: #239073)
 * ogg123: Fixed Speex playback, correctly initialize channel matrix (Debian bug: #772766)
 * ogg123: Added support for Opus files
 * ogginfo: Corrected reported duration for Theora streams
 * ogginfo: Added support for Opus, FLAC, and speex
 * vcut: Corrected code to match language specification (#1701)
 * vcut: Corrected memory access (#2264, Debian bug: #818037)
 * vorbiscomment: Added -d/--rm to allow removal of tags
 * vorbiscomment: Fixed handling of short files

Contains the merged fixes for CVE-2014-9638 and CVE-2014-9639 as well. The previous release was from 2010-03-25!

comment:5 by Douglas R. Reno, 22 months ago

Resolution: fixed
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Fixed at r24141

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