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New point version.

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PipeWire 0.3.22

This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible
with previous 0.3.x releases.

- Highlights
  - Per client config files replace the module-profiles. It's
    now possible to tweak settings and load custom modules.
  - Pro Audio card profile support. You can now select the
    Pro Audio profile and have raw device access with the
    maximum number of channels and no mixer controls. This is
    the usual setup for managing high end Pro Audio cards.
  - Many fixes and improvements in the JACK library to make
    devices look and integrate better.
  - Many bluetooth improvements. Playback should be more
    reliable and better synchronized. Support for the HFP HF
  - Small fixes and improvements all over the map.

- PipeWire improvements
  - Add support for restrictions requested by a client. This
    makes it possible to implement Flatpak policy for emulated
    PulseAudio clients as well.
  - Fix removal of params in objects. Previously they would not
    be removed from the cache.
  - Remove mlock warnings by default. There is an option to enable
    them again if you want to check if your system is optimized.
  - Remove LimitMEMLOCK lines from the service files. They can
    only lower the system settings and are thus not useful.
  - Implement per-client config files. Each pipewire client will
    now read a config file that you can use to configure the
    context of the client.
  - Implement state and config load/save in pipewire. This is used
    by the session manager or other apps.
  - Make an option to disable dbus support.
  - Add tool to convert pipewire config to JSON.

- Session-manager
  - Give all permissions to Manager flatpak apps. In the future
    we will use the Permission store to remember user settings.
  - Improvements to default audio/sink handling.
  - Add option to configure device suspend time.
  - Small fixes in route handling.

- Device support
  - Complain when ACP profile files are not found and use
    a fallback in order to get something working.
  - Add volume support to monitor ports.
  - Fix resume from suspend for ALSA in more cases.
  - ALSA ACP cards now have a Pro Audio profile that exposes
    the raw card devices.

- Bluetooth
  - Enable A2DP delay reporting. This improves audio/video sync
    when playing audio over bluetooth.
  - Fix stuttering in A2DP source
  - Tweak buffer size and latency settings to avoid stuttering
  - More work on HSP and HFP support
  - Fix initial profile configuration
  - Add HFP HF support

- PulseAudio server
  - Small tweaks in capture packet size to avoid crashes in some
  - Detect Flatpak apps and requests the flatpak permissions from
    the session manager. This means that Flatpak pulseaudio apps
    will now run with reduced permissions.

- ALSA plugin
  - Reduce min buffer size in the plugin for lower possible

  - implement some missing methods to make qjackctl work again.
  - Use the context data thread instead of making our own. This
    fixes the issue where the data thread was not given RT
    priority correctly.
  - Pass extra jack flags around in port properties. This makes
    CV ports in carla work.
  - Many tweaks to the port names and aliases. Unwanted characters
    are filtered out, giving better names to jack apps. Default
    device names are now equal to those seen in pulseaudio apps.
  - Add an option to make a separate client for the monitor ports
    of a device. This makes it more usable in apps.
  - add support for system:playback_N and system:capture_N port
    names for apps that hardcode these port names.

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Fixed at r24281

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