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Priority: normal Milestone: 7.9
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New point version. Log:

Release 2.02.137.

Another development release.

No reason to hold anymore, so moving back to 7.9.

New point version. Log:

Release 2.02.136.

Another development checkpoint: Do not ship this release.

New point version. Log:

Release 2.02.135.

Another development checkpoint: Do not ship this release.

c13f8936e9790be59135717bac133640 LVM2.2.02.137.tgz

Version 2.02.137 - 5th December 2015
  Restore archiving before changing metadata in vgextend (2.02.117).
  Dropped internal usage of log_suppress(2).
  Cleaned logging code for buffer size usage.
  Added internal id_read_format_try() function to check and read valid UUID.
  Change lvcreate, lvrename, lvresize to use process_each_vg.
  Change process_each_vg to handle single VG as separate arg.
  Issue error if ambiguous VG name is supplied in most commands.
  Make process_each fns always work through full list of known VG names.
  Use dm_get_status_mirror() instead of individual parsers.
  Add mem pool arg for check_transient_status() target function.
  Avoid misleading error with -m is omitted with lvconvert to raid types.
  Add system_id to vginfo cache.

Version 2.02.136 - 28th November 2015
 • Add new --sinceversion option for lvmconfig --type new.
 • Fix inactive table loaded for wrapping thin-pool when resizing it.
 • Extend the list of ignored libraries when locking memory.

Version 2.02.135 - 23rd November 2015
 • Add a model file for Coverity.
 • Show correct error message for unsupported yet cache pool repair.
 • Allow lvconvert cache pools' data and metadata LV to raid.
 • Fix reading of old metadata with missing cache policy or mode
 • Issue error if external_device_info_source=udev and udev db record
 • Update lvmetad duplicate VG name handling to use hash function
 • Detect invalid vgrenames by vgid where the name is unchanged.
 • Fix passing of 32bit values through daemons (mostly lvmlockd).
 • Use local memory pool for whole alloc_handle manipulation.
 • Add missing pointer validation after dm_get_next_target().
 • Do not deref NULL pointer in debug message for _match_pv_tags().
 • Drop unneeded stat() call when checking for sysfs file.
 • Fix memory leak on error path of failing thin-pool percentage check.
 • Add missing test for failing node allocation in lvmetad.
 • Correct configure messages when enabling/disabling lvmlockd.

Version 1.02.113 - 5th December 2015
  Mirror plugin in dmeventd uses dm_get_status_mirror().
  Add dm_get_status_mirror() for parsing mirror status line.

Version 1.02.112 - 28th November 2015
 • Show error message when trying to create unsupported raid type.
 • Improve preloading sequence of an active thin-pool target.
 • Drop extra space from cache target line to fix unneded table reloads.

Version 1.02.111 - 23rd November 2015
 • Extend dm_hash to support multiple values with the same key.
 • Add missing check for allocation inside dm_split_lvm_name().
 • Test dm_task_get_message_response for !NULL in
 • Add checks for failing dm_stats_create() in dmsetup.
 • Add missing fifo close when failed to initialize client connection.

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Summary: LVM2-2.02.136 (wait for 2.02.137)LVM2-2.02.137

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