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New minor version.

Release notes for 2.52 -- 2021-08-01 17:49:56 -0700

  • Revived -std=c89 compilation for make all etc.
  • The shared library objects:, and, are all now runnable as standalone binaries!
  • The support is used to display some description information.
  • To activate it, these binaries need to be installed executable (chmod +x ...)
  • We also provided a write-up of how to enable this sort of feature in other .so files here.
  • The module now contains support for a default=<IAB> module argument.
  • Enhanced capsh --suggest to also compare against the capability value names and not just their descriptions.
  • Added capsh --current support.
  • Minor documentation updates.
  • Added a contrib/sucap/su.c pure-capabilities PAM implementation of su.
    • This is primarily to demonstrate that such a thing is possible, and to validate that the module is capable of adding any IAB tuple of inheritables per group or user.
    • At this time, it relies on features only present in this version of libcap and HEAD of the Linux-PAM sources for the module.

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Fixed at commit 9c7598cc15b7ec877b0350fbdc9d1d1fe466405b

Package updates.
    Update to glibc-2.34.
    Update to diffutils-3.8.
    Update to libcap-2.52.
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