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Reported by: Xi Ruoyao Owned by: lfs-book
Priority: normal Milestone: 11.0
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comment:1 by Xi Ruoyao, 3 years ago

3.4.2 Jun-28-21
    Add static trampoline support for Linux on x86_64 and ARM64.
    Add support for Alibaba's CSKY architecture.
    Add support for Kalray's KVX architecture.
    Add support for Intel Control-flow Enforcement Technology (CET).
    Add support for ARM Pointer Authentication (PA).
    Fix 32-bit PPC regression.
    Fix MIPS soft-float problem.
    Enable tmpdir override with the $LIBFFI_TMPDIR environment variable.
    Enable compatibility with MSVC runtime stack checking.
    Reject float and small integer argument in ffi_prep_cif_var().
      Callers must promote these types themselves.

comment:2 by Xi Ruoyao, 3 years ago

Bad news: SONAME bumps from to! I hope nothing will be broken.

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comment:3 by Xi Ruoyao, 3 years ago

Attention: it breaks gjs :(, and maybe other blfs packages

--disable-exec-static-tramp configuring libffi-3.4.2 is a known workaround.

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comment:4 by Xi Ruoyao, 3 years ago

My suggestion is to build libffi-3.4.2 with --disable-exec-static-tramp for 11.0. It's unlikely that all the downstream fixes can be arrived before package freeze.

comment:5 by Bruce Dubbs, 3 years ago

Do we know of other package breakage? Do we know what 'exec-static-tramp' does?

comment:6 by Bruce Dubbs, 3 years ago

Summary: libffi-3.4.2 (currency)libffi-3.4.2

Currency fixed at commit 3c9fe9ad67705f70bfa9554ab503c9218a0b73ee

comment:7 by Bruce Dubbs, 3 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

Fixed at commit 3ba82a8a1f8020631d8c8e7dd9a4a3ea4a77150d

Package updates.
    Update to linux-5.13.9.
    Update to libffi-3.4.2.
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