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util-linux 2.38

Reported by: Bruce Dubbs Owned by: lfs-book
Priority: normal Milestone: 11.2
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Pre-release version of util-linux-2.38.

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Milestone: 11.111.2

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Summary: util-linux 2.38-rc1util-linux 2.38-rc4

Now rc4, still waiting.

comment:3 by Bruce Dubbs, 2 years ago

Summary: util-linux 2.38-rc4util-linux 2.38

Util-linux 2.38 Release Notes

Release highlights

This is the first release with translated util-linux man-pages. For now, the translations are not installed by default. It's necessary to use a configure option --enable-poman to enable, and po4a (PO for all) program is required to generate the translation from the tarball.

mount(8) now supports a new option --mkdir as shortcut for X-mount.mkdir

mount(8) (and libmount) now supports new mount options X-mount.subdir= to mounting sub-directory from a filesystem instead of the root directory.

lsfd is a NEW COMMAND. lsfd is intended to be a modern replacement for lsof(8) on Linux systems. Unlike lsof, lsfd is specialized to Linux kernel; it supports Linux specific features like namespaces with simpler code. lsfd is not a drop-in replacement for lsof; they are different in the command line interface and output formats. lsfd uses Libsmartcols for output formatting and filtering. For example: lsfd -Q 'ASSOC == "exe"' prints all running executables. (Thanks to Masatake YAMATO)

dmesg(1) supports a new option --json to print kernel log in JSON format.

libfdisk has been improved to set correct CHS addresses in MBR. (Thanks to Pali Rohár)

fstrim(8) ignores all /ect/fstab entries with X-fstrim.notrim mount option now.

hardlink(1) now supports reflinks (new options --reflinks and --skip-reflinks), and a new option --method=<memcmp,sha1,crc32,sha256> to specify a way how to compare files. Now the files comparation use Linux crypto API in zero-copy way -- all is calculated in kernel and userspace compares only hash checksums (default is sha256).

hwclock(8) supports new command line options --param-get and --param-set to works with RTC_PARAM_* attributes.

irqtop(1) provides a new option --cpu-stat <enable|disable|auto> to control per-cpu stats.

libblkid supports zoned disks for btrfs now.

lsblk(8) provides a new option --noempty to ignore all devices with zero size; the new option --zoned prints information about zones.

mkswap(8) supports a new option --quiet.

nsenter(8) supports a new option --wdns to change working directory within namespace.

rename(1) supports new option --all and --last to replace all or last occurrences of expression rather than the first one.

su(1) now resets RLIMIT_AS, RLIMIT_{NICE,RTPRIO}, RLIMIT_FSIZE and RLIMIT_NOFILE reourse limits.

unshare(8) supports new options --map-users= and --map-groups= to map block of group IDs; and new option --map-auto to map the first block of user IDs owned by the effective user from /etc/subuid

wdctl supports new options --setpregovernor to set pre-timeout governor name, and --setpretimeout to set watchdog pre-timeout in seconds.

Changes between v2.37 and v2.38

Man pages:

  • Fix end extend formatting [Mario Blättermann]


  • (adoc) double hyphen replaced by dash in man pages [Karel Zak]
  • do not use atol() [Karel Zak]
  • resolve tty name even if stdin is specified [tamz]
  • use CTRL+C to erase username [Karel Zak]
  • use getttynam() if available [Ludwig Nussel]


  • fix quoted message in fsck.minix [Rafael Fontenelle]
  • unconstrained formatting pair in fdisk [Rafael Fontenelle]


  • add --json to dmesg [Karel Zak]
  • fix irqtop [Karel Zak]


  • check device type and name before probe [Karel Zak]
  • don't print all devices if only garbage specified [Karel Zak]


  • Do not print zone capacity if not supported [Andreas Hindborg]


  • allow for larger values for start sector [Thomas Abraham]
  • improve arguments parsing (remove atoi) [Karel Zak]
  • remove accidental non-breaking spaces [Chris Hofstaedtler]
  • use snprintf() rather than sprintf() [Karel Zak]


  • (hardlink) check for llistxattr and lgetxattr [Karel Zak]
  • (meson) fix hardlink [Karel Zak]
  • (po-man) force .pot file update on 'make dist' [Karel Zak]
  • Update [Alex Xu]
  • add USE_SYSTEMD [Karel Zak]
  • add configure option to disable lsfd [Anatoly Pugachev]
  • add cryptsetup config-gen template [Karel Zak]
  • add generated man-pages to distribution tarball [Karel Zak]
  • add missing files from tools/ directory [Karel Zak]
  • add missing header [Karel Zak]
  • add script to compare config.h from meson and autotools [Karel Zak]
  • be verbose about missing gettext [Karel Zak]
  • cleanup lsfd related stuff [Karel Zak]
  • disable IPC tools on Darwin [Karel Zak]
  • disable libmount when missing mntent.h [Karel Zak]
  • display cryptsetup status after ./configure [Luca Boccassi]
  • distribute Meson files [Karel Zak]
  • fir distcheck for fileeq.h [Karel Zak]
  • fix test_procfs SOURCES [Karel Zak]
  • fix {release-version} man pages [Karel Zak]
  • generate all man pages for distribution tarball [Karel Zak]
  • improve setns, unshare and prlimit checks [Karel Zak]
  • include xlocale.h for locale_t on MacOS [Karel Zak]
  • install hardlink bash-completion [Karel Zak]
  • install lastb bash-completion [Karel Zak]
  • link lib_common to test_procfs [Masatake YAMATO]
  • make output more user friendly [Karel Zak]
  • make libtool patching more robust [Karel Zak]
  • make re-use of generated man-pages more robust [Karel Zak]
  • patch libtool.m4 for darwin [Karel Zak]
  • release++ (v2.38-rc1) [Karel Zak]
  • release++ (v2.38-rc2) [Karel Zak]
  • release++ (v2.38-rc3) [Karel Zak]
  • release++ (v2.38-rc4) [Karel Zak]
  • remove bashism [Karel Zak]
  • remove lib/procutils.c [Karel Zak]
  • report C++ compiler too [Karel Zak]
  • use $LIBS rather than LDFLAGS [Karel Zak]
  • use set +e before patch --try in ./ [Karel Zak]


  • do not use atoi() [Karel Zak]
  • don't use NULL in printf [coverity scan] [Karel Zak]
  • optimize mountpoint detection for PARTUUID [Karel Zak]


  • flush stdout before reading stdin and fix uninitialized variable [Lorenzo Beretta]


  • use lib/procfs.c [Karel Zak]


  • fflush stdout before reading from stdin [Lorenzo Beretta]

chsh, chfn:

  • remove readline support [CVE-2022-0563] [Karel Zak]


  • add a GHAction sending data to Coverity [Evgeny Vereshchagin]
  • build coverage reports on Coveralls [Evgeny Vereshchagin]
  • no longer refer to Travis CI [Evgeny Vereshchagin]


  • switch to the util-linux organization [Evgeny Vereshchagin]


  • format command name bold [Mario Blättermann]


  • (man) add note about default width in non-interactive mode [Karel Zak]
  • segmentation fault on invalid unicode input passed to -s option [Karel Zak]
  • use new libsmartcols functions [Karel Zak]


  • Start colouring subsys delimiter only after trailing blank [Chris Down]
  • add --json output format [Karel Zak]
  • fix indentation in man page [Platon Pronko]
  • fix possible memory leak [coverity scan] [Karel Zak]
  • remove condition [lgtm scan] [Karel Zak]
  • translate ctime strings [Karel Zak]


  • Uniformize references to section titles [Rafael Fontenelle]
  • add hint about TP [Karel Zak]
  • add hint for non-public reports [Karel Zak]
  • add link to GitHub TODO items [Karel Zak]
  • add links to adjtime_config manpage [Karel Zak]
  • add man-common/in-bytes.adoc [Karel Zak]
  • add note about GitHub PR [Karel Zak]
  • add uclampset to AUTHORS file [Karel Zak]
  • document --param-get, --param-set [Bastian Krause]
  • fix info about LIBSMARTCOLS_DEBUG_PADDING [Karel Zak]
  • fix typo in v2.37-ReleaseNotes [Karel Zak]
  • update AUTHORS file [Karel Zak]
  • update IRC address [Karel Zak]
  • update TODO [Karel Zak]
  • update TODO, add "column --output-width unlimited" [Karel Zak]
  • update copyright years [Karel Zak]
  • update github URL [Karel Zak]
  • update v2.38-ReleaseNotes [Karel Zak]


  • add format attribute [Karel Zak]
  • do not use atoi() [Karel Zak]
  • fix typo in docs [Karel Zak]


  • Fix markup [Mario Blättermann]


  • add verbose messages [Karel Zak]


  • Add support for fixing MBR partitions CHS values [Pali Rohár]
  • do not print error message when partition reordering is not needed [Pali Rohár]
  • move reorder diag messages to fdisk_reorder_partitions() [Pali Rohár]
  • open device in nonblock mode [changlianzhi]
  • when use fdisk -l, open device in nonblock mode [lishengyu]


  • (adoc) Added section stating exit code semantics [Mister Me]
  • (verify) add hint about systemctl daemon-reload [Karel Zak]
  • (verify) fix cache related memory leaks on --nocanonicalize [coverity scan] [Karel Zak]
  • (verify) fix memory leak [asan] [Karel Zak]
  • (verify) ignore passno for btrfs [Karel Zak]
  • (verify) support fstype patterns [Karel Zak]
  • add -y,--shell [Karel Zak]
  • add SOURCES column to print all devices with the same tag [Karel Zak]
  • add format attribute [Karel Zak]
  • add reason to "cannot detect on-disk filesystem type" warning [Karel Zak]
  • add support to print deleted targets [Karel Zak]
  • add to the man page note about SOURCES [Karel Zak]
  • allow SOURCES field even without '--fstab' [Goffredo Baroncelli]
  • commit missing flag [Karel Zak]
  • filter entries before add to the tree [Karel Zak]
  • fix compiler warning [-Werror=sign-compare] [Karel Zak]
  • make sure all entries are in tree output [Karel Zak]
  • properly exclude poll columns from --output-all [Thomas Weißschuh]

fixup! lsns:

  • interpolate missing namespaces for converting forests to a tree [Masatake YAMATO]


  • (adoc) fix example [Karel Zak]
  • Decribe limitations of flock deadlock, NFS, CIFS [Stanislav Brabec]


  • check errno after strto..() [Karel Zak]
  • clear SIGCHLD inherited setting [Karel Zak]
  • do not use atoi() [Karel Zak]
  • use mnt_fs_is_regularfs() [Karel Zak]


  • use open+fstat rather than stat+open [Karel Zak]


  • (man) add missing note [Karel Zak]
  • Add fstab option X-fstrim.notrim [Stanislav Brabec]
  • clean return code on --quiet-unsupported [Karel Zak]
  • don't trigger autofs [Karel Zak]
  • fix typo [Karel Zak]


  • render synopsis rules on separate lines [Johannes Altmanninger]


  • add linux-modules-extra package to CI tests [Karel Zak]
  • add meson build target [Karel Zak]


  • Calling posix_fadvise without checking return value [coverity scan] [Karel Zak]
  • add --cache-size [Karel Zak]
  • add a missing word to an error message [Benno Schulenberg]
  • add new option -S/--maximum-size [Daniele Pizzolli]
  • add reflinks support (add --reflinks and --skip-reflinks) [Karel Zak]
  • add verbose messages when skip file [Karel Zak]
  • call size_to_human_string() only when necessary [Karel Zak]
  • fix compiler warning [-Wformat=] [Karel Zak]
  • grammaticalize the main description in the man page [Benno Schulenberg]
  • ignore files specified more than once [Karel Zak]
  • improve verbose messages [Karel Zak]
  • make it possible to compare paths [Karel Zak]
  • make reflink detection more robust [coverity scan] [Karel Zak]
  • remove pcre2posix.h support [Karel Zak]
  • rename --buffer-size to --io-size [Karel Zak]
  • rewrite files content comparison [Karel Zak]
  • set all locale elements, so that messages will get translated [Benno Schulenberg]
  • simplify file_link() [Karel Zak]
  • small regex stuff refactoring [Karel Zak]
  • use more passive wording in hardlink.1 [Eduard Bloch]
  • use open(O_CREAT) with mode [Karel Zak]


  • call getline() in more robust way [Karel Zak]
  • correctly display signed single byte integers [Samir Benmendil]
  • do not use atoi() [Karel Zak]


  • add --param-get option [Bastian Krause]
  • add --param-set option [Bastian Krause]
  • check errno after strto..() [Karel Zak]
  • cleanup hwclock_params[] use [Karel Zak]
  • close adjtime on write error [coverity scan] [Karel Zak]
  • don't ignore sscanf() return code [coverity scan] [Karel Zak]
  • fix --param-get [Karel Zak]
  • fix ul_path_scanf() use [Karel Zak]
  • get/set param cleanup [Karel Zak]
  • increase indent in help text [Bastian Krause]


  • Rename HiFive partition UUIDs [Alexandre Ghiti]


  • Add abs_diff macro [Sean Anderson]
  • add format attribute [Karel Zak]
  • add cmp_timespec() and cmp_stat_mtime() [Karel Zak]
  • add drop_permissions(), consolidate UID/GID reset [Karel Zak]


  • remove unused function [Karel Zak]


  • add functions to compare files content [Karel Zak]


  • add formatattribute [Karel Zak]


  • cleanup strto..() functions [Karel Zak]
  • consolidate string to number conversion [Karel Zak]
  • fix formatattribute [Karel Zak]
  • mark some arguments as non-null [Karel Zak]


  • fix format attributes [Karel Zak]


  • fix strtoul use, remove deadcode [coverity scan] [Karel Zak]


  • check errno after strto..() [Karel Zak]
  • do not use atoi() [Karel Zak]
  • use snprintf() rather than sprintf() [Karel Zak]


  • add -c/--cpu-stat option [zhenwei pi]
  • don't ignore sscanf() return code [coverity scan] [Karel Zak]
  • fix options parsing [Karel Zak]
  • small coding style change [Karel Zak]


  • improve --backup documentation [Karel Zak]


  • check errno after strto..() [Karel Zak]
  • use lib/procfs.c [Karel Zak]


  • clarify syntax of -SIG argument in synopsis [Johannes Altmanninger]


  • add note about empty files/entries to the man page [Karel Zak]
  • don't assume zero terminate strings [Karel Zak]
  • use snprintf() rather than sprintf() [Karel Zak]


  • add format attribute [Karel Zak]


  • Add missing standard options [Mario Blättermann]


  • use snprintf() rather than sprintf() [Karel Zak]


  • add possibility to save position in the buffer [Karel Zak]
  • add support for "safe" encoding [Karel Zak]
  • fix buffer reset [Karel Zak]
  • fix possible SEGV [Karel Zak]
  • make sure buffer without data is zero terminated [asan] [Karel Zak]
  • retun size of the buffer and data [Karel Zak]


  • use lib/procfs.c [Karel Zak]


  • don't ignore failed malloc [Karel Zak]


  • fix for small memsiz [Karel Zak]


  • check if JSON handler is initialized [Karel Zak]


  • perform retry on EAGAIN [Karel Zak]


  • (test) fix ul_new_path() use [Karel Zak]
  • add ul_path_next_dirent() [Karel Zak]
  • fix possible leak when use ul_path_read_string() [coverity scan] [Karel Zak]
  • fstat dir itself [Karel Zak]
  • improve ul_path_readlink() to be more robust [Karel Zak]
  • initialize variables for scanf [coverity scan] [Karel Zak]
  • make path use more robust [coverity scan] [Karel Zak]
  • make ul_path_read_buffer() more robust [coverity scan] [Karel Zak]
  • use flags for fstatat() [Karel Zak]


  • add functions to read /proc/#/ stuff [Karel Zak]


  • don't use getlogin(3). [Érico Nogueira]
  • use assert to check correct usage. [Érico Nogueira]


  • add strappend() [Karel Zak]
  • improve normalize_whitespace() [Karel Zak]
  • make sure mem2strcpy() buffer is zeroized [Karel Zak]
  • make test_strutils_normalize() more robust [Karel Zak]
  • rename strappend() to strconcat() [Karel Zak]


  • add sysfs_chrdev_devno_to_devname() [Karel Zak]


  • (btrfs) add debug messages to zoned support [Karel Zak]
  • Add hyphens to UUID string representation in Stratis superblock parsing [John Baublitz]
  • Optimize the blkid_safe_string() function [Karel Zak, changlianzhi]
  • add magic and probing for zoned btrfs [Naohiro Aota]
  • check UBI char device name [Karel Zak]
  • check blkid_get_cache() return value [coverity scan] [Karel Zak]
  • check errno after strto..() [Karel Zak]
  • check for ioctl macro rather than for header file [Karel Zak]
  • don't mark cache as "probed" if /sys not available [Karel Zak]
  • fix and cleanup blkid_safe_string() [Karel Zak]
  • ignore scanf() result when read number of stripes [coverity scan] [Karel Zak]
  • implement zone-aware probing [Naohiro Aota]
  • make blkid_free_probe() more robust [Karel Zak]
  • optimize ioctl calls in blkid_probe_set_device() [Karel Zak]
  • remove EVMS support [Karel Zak]
  • remove unnecessary ifdef [Karel Zak]
  • reopen floppy without O_NONBLOCK [Karel Zak]
  • reset errno after failed floppy test [Karel Zak]
  • support zone reset for wipefs [Naohiro Aota]
  • use snprintf() rather than sprintf() [Karel Zak]
  • vfat Fix reading FAT16 boot label and serial id [Pali Rohár]
  • vfat Fix reading FAT32 boot label [Pali Rohár]


  • check for ENOMEDIUM from ioctl(CDROM_LAST_WRITTEN) [Jeremi Piotrowski]


  • use _UL_LIBUUID_UUID_H to cover uuid.h [Karel Zak]


  • (MBR) recognize EBBR protective partitions [Vincent Stehlé]
  • (dos) Add check both begin and end CHS partition parameters [Pali Rohár]
  • (dos) Add function dos_partition_sync_chs() for updating CHS values [Pali Rohár]
  • (dos) Add function fdisk_dos_fix_chs() for fixing CHS values for all partitions [Pali Rohár]
  • (dos) Fix check error message when CHS calculated sector does not match LBA [Pali Rohár]
  • (dos) Fix determining number of heads and sectors per track from MBR [Pali Rohár]
  • (dos) Fix printing number of CHS sectors in check error message [Pali Rohár]
  • (dos) Fix setting CHS values when creating new partition [Pali Rohár]
  • (dos) Fix upper bound cylinder check in check() [Pali Rohár]
  • (dos) Fix upper bound cylinder check in check_consistency() [Pali Rohár]
  • (dos) Put number of CHS check_consistency errors into summart message [Pali Rohár]
  • (dos) Recalculate number of cylinders after changing number of heads and sectors [Pali Rohár]
  • (dos) Use helper macros cylinder() and sector() in check_consistency() [Pali Rohár]
  • (dos) don't ignore MBR+FAT use-case [Karel Zak]
  • (dos) index partition from zero for DBG() [Karel Zak]
  • (dos) support partition and MBR overlap [Karel Zak]
  • (gpt) align size of partition by default [Karel Zak]
  • (gpt) cleanup verity GUID names [Karel Zak]
  • (gpt) make fdisk -x output more readable [Karel Zak]
  • (gpt) provide last LBA where is partitions array [Karel Zak]
  • (script) rewrite start= and size= parsing [Karel Zak]
  • add and fix format attributes [Karel Zak]
  • add new Linux GPT partition types [WANG Xuerui]
  • add new root and /usr part types [Georgy Yakovlev]
  • add new verity root and /usr part types [Georgy Yakovlev]
  • check calloc() return [gcc-analyzer] [Karel Zak]
  • dereference of possibly-NULL [gcc-analyzer] [Karel Zak]
  • don't use too small free segments by default [Karel Zak]
  • enlarge partition by move start down [Karel Zak]
  • incorrect GUID for NetBSD [Siu Ching Pong -Asuka Kenji-]
  • make self_partition() use more robust [gcc-analyzer] [Karel Zak]


  • (--all) continue although /proc is not mounted [Karel Zak]
  • add X-mount.subdir= [Karel Zak]
  • add format attribute [Karel Zak]
  • add glusterfs between network filesystems [Karel Zak]
  • add mnt_fs_is_deleted() [Karel Zak]
  • add mnt_fs_is_regularfs() to public API [Karel Zak]
  • allow X-* options more than once [Karel Zak]
  • assert() is enough [lgtm scan] [Karel Zak]
  • change propagation of /run for X-mount.subdir [Karel Zak]
  • check errno after strto..() [Karel Zak]
  • disable mtab only on statfs() success only [Karel Zak]
  • don't use setgroups at all() [Karel Zak]
  • fix UID check for FUSE umount [CVE-2021-3995] [Karel Zak]
  • fix mnt_fs_is_* return codes [Karel Zak]
  • fix possible memory leak in mnt_optstr_fix_secontext() [coverity scan] [Karel Zak]
  • fix setgroups() use [Karel Zak]
  • make mnt_table_get_fs_root() more robust [gcc-analyzer] [Karel Zak]
  • remove support for deleted mount table entries [Karel Zak]
  • remove support for obsolete /dev/.mount/utab [Karel Zak]
  • show options string on parse error [Karel Zak]
  • support quotes in X-mount options [Karel Zak]
  • use /run/mount/tmptgt rather than /tmp/mount/mount.<pid> [Karel Zak]


  • add multi-line cells to samples [Karel Zak]
  • add scols_line_get_column_data() [Karel Zak]
  • add support for optional boolean values [Thomas Weißschuh]
  • change "export" behavior, add "shellvar" flag [Karel Zak]
  • fix bare array on JSON output [Karel Zak]
  • fix lines groups for multi-line cells [Karel Zak]
  • use lib/buffer, remove local implementation [Karel Zak]
  • use snprintf() rather than sprintf() [Karel Zak]


  • check errno after strto..() [Karel Zak]
  • extend cache in uuid_generate_time_generic() [Michael Trapp]
  • fix buffer overrun in uuid_parse_range() [Zane van Iperen]
  • include c.h to cover restrict keyword [Karel Zak]


  • add format attribute [Karel Zak]
  • dealloc login name [Karel Zak]
  • fix --prio-prefix doesn't use --priority default [Karel Zak]
  • fix --size use for stdin [Karel Zak]
  • realloc buffer when header size changed [Karel Zak]
  • use xgetlogin from pwdutils. [Érico Nogueira]


  • (adoc) add hint about PAM and env.variables [Karel Zak]
  • Restore tty size after calling vhangup() [Daan De Meyer]
  • add callback for close_range() [Karel Zak]
  • fix close_range() use [Karel Zak]
  • improve coding style [Karel Zak]
  • remove obsolete and confusing comment [Karel Zak]


  • use snprintf() rather than sprintf() [Karel Zak]


  • Do not treat errors when detecting overlap as fatal [Jan Kara]
  • Properly translate errors from ul_path_read_*() [Jan Kara]
  • accept ENOSYS for LOOP_CONFIGURE [Alex Xu]
  • add retries on EAGAIN [Karel Zak]


  • Add missing pipe to man example for setting up loop device [Vojtech Trefny]
  • directly set dio instead of afterwards [Alex Xu (Hello71)]
  • don't skip adding a new device if it already has a device node [Christoph Hellwig]
  • fix --direct-io [Karel Zak]
  • fix memory leak [asan] [Karel Zak]
  • use LOOP_CONFIGURE in a more robust way [Karel Zak]


  • (adoc) improve --all description [Karel Zak]
  • add --noempty [Karel Zak]
  • add -y/--shell [Karel Zak]
  • add column START for partition start offsets [Karel Zak]
  • add columns of zoned parameters [Naohiro Aota]
  • add zoned columns to "lsblk -z" [Naohiro Aota]
  • factor out function to read sysfs param as bytes [Naohiro Aota]
  • fix formatting in -e option [ratijas]
  • normalize space in SERIAL and MODEL [Karel Zak]
  • sort list of columns [Karel Zak]
  • sort usage() output [Karel Zak]
  • update --help output for -y [Karel Zak]
  • use ID_MODEL_ENC is possible [Karel Zak]


  • (arm) remove extra whitespace [Karel Zak]
  • Add Phytium FT-2000+ & S2500 support [panchenbo]
  • Add Phytium aarch64 cpupart [panchenbo]
  • add SCALMHZ% and "CPU scaling MHz " [Karel Zak]
  • add additional arm cpu part numbers [Ali Saidi]
  • add bios_family [Huang Shijie]
  • add more sanity checks for dmi_decode_cputype() [Huang Shijie]
  • check errno after strto..() [Karel Zak]
  • do not use atoi() [Karel Zak]
  • don't use DMI if executed with --sysroot [Karel Zak]
  • fix NULL dereference [Karel Zak]
  • fix build on powerpc [Georgy Yakovlev]
  • fix compilation against librtas [Karel Zak]
  • fix cppcheck warning [Uninitialized variable] [Karel Zak]
  • get the processor information by DMI [Huang Shijie]
  • read MHZ from /sys/.../cpufreq/scaling_cur_freq [Karel Zak, Thomas Weißschu]
  • remove extra blank lines [Karel Zak]
  • remove the old code [Huang Shijie]
  • remove unintended change [Karel Zak]
  • use MHZ as number to be locale sensitive [Karel Zak]
  • use json types [Thomas Weißschuh]
  • use locale-independent strtod() when read from kernel [Karel Zak]
  • use optional json values [Thomas Weißschuh]


  • (adoc) add more exapmles [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (adoc) add proc(5) to SEE ALSO section [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (adoc) put missing at the end of options [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (adoc) remove a redundant word [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (adoc) reorder the options [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (adoc) reorder the sections [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (adoc) update DESCRIPTION [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (adoc) write about filter expression [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (adoc) write more about the -o option [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (filter) accept % char as a part of column name [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (filter) fix a memory leak [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (filter) give a name to a constant [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (filter) implement !~, an operator for regex unmatching [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (filter) implement =~, an operator for regex matching [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (filter) make error messages in check_type methods [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (filter) make some data structures its source file local [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (filter) whitespace cleanup [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (helper) accept an integer argument for a parameter [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (helper) add "dentries" parameter to directory factory [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (helper) add "dir" parameter to directory factory [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (helper) add "file" parameter to ro-regular-file factory [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (helper) add "nonblock" parameter to pipe-no-fork factory [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (helper) add "offset" parameter to ro-regular-file factory [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (helper) allow to pass extra parameters [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (helper) improve the code converting file descriptor numbers [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (helper) set proper errno before calling err() [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (helper) update examples in the help message [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (helper) use more "const" modifiers [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (test) add a case for displaying COMMAND column [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (test) add a case for displaying DEV column [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (test) add a case for displaying a character device [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (test) add a case for displaying a directory [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (test) add a case for displaying socket pairs [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (test) add a case for displaying symlinks [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (test) add a case for testing FLAGS (wronly,nonblock) column [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (test) add a case for testing SIZE column [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (test) add cases for displaying a regular file and pipe [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (test) test POS column [Masatake YAMATO]
  • Add initial man page [Mario Blättermann]
  • Add new man page to po4a.cfg [Mario Blättermann]
  • Fix typos in lsfd.c [Mario Blättermann]
  • add --debug-filter option [Masatake YAMATO]
  • add --dump-counters option [Masatake YAMATO]
  • add --notruncate [Karel Zak]
  • add --sysroot, use lib/path.c [Karel Zak]
  • add CHRDRV column [Masatake YAMATO]
  • add DEVTYPE column [Masatake YAMATO]
  • add FLAGS, MNTID, and POS columns [Masatake YAMATO]
  • add FUID and OWNER columns [Masatake YAMATO]
  • add KTHREAD column [Masatake YAMATO]
  • add MAPLEN column [Masatake YAMATO]
  • add MISCDEV column [Masatake YAMATO]
  • add MODE column [Masatake YAMATO]
  • add NLINK and DELETED columns [Masatake YAMATO]
  • add PARTITION column [Masatake YAMATO]
  • add PROTONAME column [Masatake YAMATO]
  • add a function to get the name of filesystem from a given minor number [Masatake YAMATO]
  • add a helper function for building filter [Masatake YAMATO]
  • add a helper function for reading bdevs in /prode/devices [Masatake YAMATO]
  • add a stub for fifo type [Masatake YAMATO]
  • add code for reading /proc/$pid/maps [Masatake YAMATO]
  • add columns for DEV and RDEV [Masatake YAMATO]
  • add columns for SIZE [Masatake YAMATO]
  • add cwd, exe, and root associations [Masatake YAMATO]
  • add filter engine [Masatake YAMATO]
  • add infrstructure code for reading fdinfo files [Masatake YAMATO]
  • add mem associations [Masatake YAMATO]
  • add namespace related associations [Masatake YAMATO]
  • add new man page to [Masatake YAMATO]
  • add reference to proc from file [Karel Zak]
  • add stubs for sockets and files of unknown type [Masatake YAMATO]
  • add the way to initialize and finalize classes [Masatake YAMATO]
  • adjust column width for COMMAND [Masatake YAMATO]
  • allow passing a proc object to the constructors of the file classes [Masatake YAMATO]
  • change the license of the filtering engine to LGPL [Masatake YAMATO]
  • check ul_strtou*() return code [coverity scan] [Karel Zak]
  • cleanup --summary semantic [Karel Zak]
  • cleanup collect_outofbox_files stuff [Karel Zak]
  • cleanup fdinfo handling [Karel Zak]
  • cleanup new file initialization [Karel Zak]
  • collect threads level information if TID is specified in a filter [Masatake YAMATO]
  • convert lines introducing local variable to a block with {...} [Masatake YAMATO]
  • declare JSON type in colinfo entries [Masatake YAMATO]
  • declare local variables at the beginning of block [Masatake YAMATO]
  • delete an unnecessary semicolon [Masatake YAMATO]
  • don't collect and print redundant information about threads [Masatake YAMATO]
  • don't define a local variable in the middle of a block [Masatake YAMATO]
  • don't duplicate ASSOC_EXE processing [Karel Zak]
  • don't use 'long int' for file data [Karel Zak]
  • don't use threads [Masatake YAMATO]
  • fill ASSOC field [Masatake YAMATO]
  • fill DEVICE field [Masatake YAMATO]
  • fill INODE field [Masatake YAMATO]
  • fill POS and MODE columns for SHM and MEM associated files [Masatake YAMATO]
  • fill PROTONAME field of file for mmap'ed socket [Masatake YAMATO]
  • fill TYPE field [Masatake YAMATO]
  • fill UID column with the process's uid [Masatake YAMATO]
  • fill UID field [Masatake YAMATO]
  • fill USER field [Masatake YAMATO]
  • fix ASSOC_EXE use, make file->association use more robust [Karel Zak]
  • fix a typo in DEVTYPE description [Masatake YAMATO]
  • fix a typo in comment [Masatake YAMATO]
  • fix copy & past error [coverity scan] [Karel Zak]
  • fix the way to print length of mmap area [Masatake YAMATO]
  • fix the way to print stat.st_nlink [Masatake YAMATO]
  • fix the way to print stat.st_size [Masatake YAMATO]
  • fix typo, rename function [Karel Zak]
  • fix use-after-free and resource leak [coverity scan] [Karel Zak]
  • function rename [Karel Zak]
  • give column widths [Masatake YAMATO]
  • implement --summary and --counter options [Masatake YAMATO]
  • increase the threads to collect information [Masatake YAMATO]
  • initial commit [Masatake YAMATO]
  • introduce --source filter option [Masatake YAMATO]
  • introduce -Q option for generic filtering [Masatake YAMATO]
  • introduce -p/--pid option, pids filter working in the early stage [Masatake YAMATO]
  • introduce DEVNAME column and use it as default [Masatake YAMATO]
  • introduce a data structure for storing common fdinfo data [Masatake YAMATO]
  • introduce fopenf helper function [Masatake YAMATO]
  • introduce name_manager [Masatake YAMATO]
  • introduce new association SHM representing shared file mapping [Masatake YAMATO]
  • keep main() at the end of the code [Karel Zak]
  • make sure we do not use uninitialized struct stat [coverity scan] [Karel Zak]
  • make username_cache lsfd-file privaite [Masatake YAMATO]
  • move file_class variants after their constructors [Masatake YAMATO]
  • move list_free() to list.h [Karel Zak]
  • move the code for reading /proc/devices to lsfd.c [Masatake YAMATO]
  • optimize maps use [Karel Zak]
  • optimize symlinks use [Karel Zak]
  • print the owner of process as USER [Masatake YAMATO]
  • purge fd layer [Masatake YAMATO]
  • read /proc/partitions [Masatake YAMATO]
  • read character driver names from /proc/devices [Masatake YAMATO]
  • read misc character device names from /proc/misc [Masatake YAMATO]
  • refactor [Masatake YAMATO]
  • refactor code calling collect_outofbox_files [Masatake YAMATO]
  • remove --source option [Masatake YAMATO]
  • remove collect_file() [Karel Zak]
  • remove duplicated an O_ flag entry [Masatake YAMATO]
  • remove prototype decls for removed functions [Masatake YAMATO]
  • remove redundant "nodev " prefix from DEVNAME column [Masatake YAMATO]
  • remove struct fdinfo_data [Karel Zak]
  • remove unused --sysroot [Karel Zak]
  • remove unused code [Karel Zak]
  • rename DEVNAME column to SOURCE [Masatake YAMATO]
  • rename the column DEVICE to MAJ MIN [Masatake YAMATO]
  • reorder function [Karel Zak]
  • replace "socket " in NAME of SOCKET with its protoname [Masatake YAMATO]
  • replace POS with MNT_ID in default column set [Masatake YAMATO]
  • revert include/path.h use [Karel Zak]
  • simplify class hierarchy [Masatake YAMATO]
  • small cleanup to mountinfo/nodev code [Karel Zak]
  • sort the enumerators about columns [Masatake YAMATO]
  • specify column more declarative way [Masatake YAMATO]
  • split new_file(), remove map_file_data [Karel Zak]
  • support threads with -l option [Masatake YAMATO]
  • tiny change to default colummns initialization [Karel Zak]
  • unify nodev lists into global one [Masatake YAMATO]
  • use 'new_' prefix when we allocate something [Karel Zak]
  • use lib/procfs.c [Karel Zak]
  • use new libsmartcols functions [Karel Zak]
  • use new scols_line_get_column_data() [Karel Zak]
  • use one function to all symlinks [Karel Zak]
  • use only "/proc/#/maps" file [Karel Zak]
  • use path_cxt to read process [Karel Zak]
  • use the list of block devices in /proc/devices for decoding SOURCE column [Masatake YAMATO]
  • wrap code for debugging with #ifdef DEBUG/#endif [Masatake YAMATO]


  • Add missing underscores [Mario Blättermann]
  • Fix markup [Mario Blättermann]
  • Fix wording and markup [Mario Blättermann]
  • Fix yet another entry in the filter examples list [Mario Blättermann]
  • Improve punctuation and add translator comments [Mario Blättermann]
  • add caution about the CLI stability [Masatake YAMATO]
  • fix a typo [Masatake YAMATO]
  • remove redundant parenthesis from the examples [Masatake YAMATO]


  • use delimited literal block notation in the EXAMPLE section [Masatake YAMATO]
  • write anout --summary and --counter options [Masatake YAMATO]


  • add -y,--shell [Karel Zak]
  • use lib/procfs.c [Karel Zak]


  • add INODE and MAJ MIN columns [Karel Zak]
  • check errno after strto..() [Karel Zak]
  • check scanf() return code [coverity scan] [Karel Zak]
  • fix maj min scanf [Karel Zak]
  • use lib/procfs.c [Karel Zak]
  • use snprintf() rather than sprintf() [Karel Zak]


  • add -y,--shell [Karel Zak]
  • ask for supplementary groups only once [asan] [Karel Zak]
  • check errno after strto..() [Karel Zak]
  • consolidate and optimize utmp files use [Karel Zak]
  • fix memory leak [asan] [Karel Zak]
  • remove unwanted debug message [Karel Zak]
  • use lib/procfs.c [Karel Zak]
  • use sd_journal_get_data() in proper way [Karel Zak]


  • check errno after strto..() [Karel Zak]


  • fill UID and USER columns for interpolated namespaces [Masatake YAMATO]
  • fix compilation on old systems without linux/nsfs.h [Karel Zak]
  • fix copy & past in man page [Karel Zak]
  • fix old error message [Karel Zak]
  • fix passing wrong process lists when showing ownerns and parentns [Masatake YAMATO]
  • interpolate missing namespaces for converting forests to a tree [Masatake YAMATO]
  • make --tree default, update man-page [Karel Zak]
  • make namespace having no process printable [Masatake YAMATO]
  • optimize mountinfo use [Karel Zak]
  • print namespace tree based on the relationship (parent/child or owner/owned) [Masatake YAMATO]
  • reorganize members specifying other namespaces in lsns_namespace [Masatake YAMATO]
  • unify the code and option for printing process based tree and namespace based trees [Masatake YAMATO]
  • use lib/procfs.c [Karel Zak]


  • Print dummy modelname if none present [Thomas Weißschuh]

man pages:

  • Fix punctuation, wording and markup [Mario Blättermann]
  • unify output of --help and --version [Mario Blättermann]


  • consolidate COLORS section [Karel Zak]


  • fix infinite-loop when use -f [Hiroaki Sengoku]


  • add missing header files check [Karel Zak]
  • do not generate fstrim.service if we do not have systemd [Martin Roukala (né Peres)]
  • fix bash_completion.get_variable() use [Karel Zak]
  • fix building libsmartcols [Alex Xu (Hello71)]
  • fix building logger [Alex Xu (Hello71)]
  • fix crypt_activate_by_signed_key detection [Luca Boccassi]
  • fix dlopen support for cryptsetup [Luca Boccassi]
  • fix typo [Karel Zak]
  • headers Install headers [Thomas Weißschuh]
  • headers use util-linux version of version defines [Thomas Weißschuh]
  • install examples to correct directory [Thomas Weißschuh]
  • install manpages and bash completions [Thomas Weißschuh]
  • keep bash-completion symlinks in variable [Karel Zak]
  • make asciidoc optional [Alex Xu (Hello71)]
  • make raw(7) optional [Karel Zak]
  • only install pkgconfig if library is built [Thomas Weißschuh]


  • consolidate stat() error message [Karel Zak]
  • improve string to number conversions [Karel Zak]
  • non-Linux portability fixes [Samuel Thibault]
  • use everywhere mkstemp_cloexec() as fallback to mkostemp() [Karel Zak]


  • add comment to explain readlink() use [Karel Zak]


  • (adoc) suggest looking up page size portably [Jakub Wilk]
  • add --quiet [Karel Zak]
  • fix holes detection (infinite loop and/or stack-buffer-underflow) [Karel Zak]
  • support -U {clear,random,time,uuid} [Karel Zak]


  • Calling open without checking return value [coverity scan] [Karel Zak]
  • POSIX compliance patch preventing exit on EOF without -e [Ian Jones]
  • add format attribute [Karel Zak]
  • clear SIGCHLD inherited setting [Karel Zak]
  • fix -e in non-interactive mode [Karel Zak]
  • fix null-pointer dereference [Karel Zak]
  • fix setuid/setgid order [Karel Zak]
  • improve zero size handling [Tobias Stoeckmann]
  • use snprintf() rather than sprintf() [Karel Zak]


  • (adoc) add hint about /proc and /sys to --all description [Karel Zak]
  • (adoc) ext_N_ → extN [manpage-l10n] [Karel Zak]
  • (adoc) fix comma splice [Jakub Wilk]
  • (adoc) fix missing period [manpage-l10n] [Karel Zak]
  • (adoc) mount → mount(2), of → or [manpage-l10n] [Karel Zak]
  • (man) fix example [Karel Zak]
  • Allow bind-mounting with "nosymfollow" [Jakub Wilk]
  • Fix race in loop device reuse code [Jan Kara]
  • add -m,--mkdir as shortcut for X-mount.mkdir [Karel Zak]
  • add hint about dmesg(8) to error messages [Karel Zak]
  • add hint about systemctl daemon-reload [Karel Zak]
  • fix roothash signature extension in manpage [Luca Boccassi]
  • man-page; add all overlayfs options [Tj]
  • mount.8 don't consider additional mounts as experimental [Karel Zak]
  • mount.8 fix overlayfs nfs_export= indention [Karel Zak]
  • use mnt_fs_is_regularfs() [Karel Zak]


  • Remove context options exclusion [Thiébaud Weksteen]
  • document SELinux use of nosuid mount flag [Topi Miettinen]
  • fix misformatting [Mario Blättermann]
  • note that mandatory locking is fully deprecated in Linux 5.15 [Jeff Layton]
  • use bold font for literal text in synopsis [Johannes Altmanninger]


  • reject giant files early [Evgeny Vereshchagin]


  • simplify code [Karel Zak]


  • fix memory leak [coverity scan] [Karel Zak]


  • use bold font for command name in synopsis [Johannes Altmanninger]


  • Do not try to enter nonexisting namespaces when --all is used [Yonatan Goldschmidt]
  • add --wdns to change working directory [Karel Zak]
  • clear SIGCHLD inherited setting [Karel Zak]


  • remove memory leak to make scanners happy [coverity scan] [Karel Zak]


  • do not use atoi() [Karel Zak]


  • add sk.po (from [Jose Riha]
  • merge changes [Karel Zak]
  • update cs.po (from [Petr Písař]
  • update de.po (from [Mario Blättermann]
  • update es.po (from [Antonio Ceballos Roa]
  • update fr.po (from [Frédéric Marchal]
  • update hr.po (from [Božidar Putanec]
  • update ko.po (from [Seong-ho Cho]
  • update pl.po (from [Jakub Bogusz]
  • update pt_BR.po (from [Rafael Fontenelle]
  • update sr.po (from [Мирослав Николић]
  • update tr.po (from [Mesutcan Kurt]
  • update uk.po (from [Yuri Chornoivan]
  • update zh_CN.po (from [Boyuan Yang]


  • add cs.po (from [Petr Písař]
  • add es.po (from [Antonio Ceballos Roa]
  • add fr.po (from [Frédéric Marchal]
  • add new langs to po4a.cfg [Karel Zak]
  • add pt_BR.po (from [Rafael Fontenelle]
  • add sr.po (from [Мирослав Николић]
  • add uk.po (from [Yuri Chornoivan]
  • merge changes [Karel Zak]
  • update de.po (from [Mario Blättermann]
  • update fr.po (from [Frédéric Marchal]
  • update uk.po (from [Yuri Chornoivan]
  • update variables in [Karel Zak]


  • fix compiler warning [-Wmaybe-uninitialized] [Karel Zak]
  • improve --help output [Karel Zak]
  • make syscall use more robust [Karel Zak]


  • check errno after strto..() [Karel Zak]
  • use snprintf() rather than sprintf() [Karel Zak]


  • add --all and --last parameters [Todd Lewis]
  • size_t, mutually exclusive parameters [Todd Lewis]
  • stop after count changes [Todd Lewis]
  • use readlink() in more robust way [Karel Zak]


  • Set scols table name to make the json output valid [Nicolai Dagestad]
  • quit when read end of stdout is closed [Mickey Rose]


  • (adoc) improve man page readability [Karel Zak]
  • add COMMAND= to log header [Karel Zak, Henrik Bach]
  • add format attribute [Karel Zak]
  • add separator to header, update tests [Karel Zak]
  • don't use \n when we log COMMAND [Karel Zak]
  • fix passing args to execlp() [Jakub Wilk]


  • correct socond as second [Vicente Jimenez Aguilar]


  • fix argv[0] for execlp() [Karel Zak]


  • (man) improve dosc about optional arguments [Karel Zak]


  • fix typo in --move-data when check partition size [Karel Zak]
  • update docs, add examples to the man page [Karel Zak]
  • write empty label also when only ignored partition specified [Karel Zak]

sfdisk man:

  • Escape ((…)) to avoid AsciiDoc interpreting and stripping from manpage [Paul Sarena]


  • (bash-completion) offer usernames rather than files [Karel Zak]
  • Verify default SIGCHLD handling. [Tobias Stoeckmann]
  • reset RLIMIT_AS too [Karel Zak]
  • reset RLIMIT_{NICE,RTPRIO} to zero [Karel Zak]
  • reset also RLIMIT_FSIZE and RLIMIT_NOFILE [Karel Zak]
  • use LOG_PID for syslog [Sam James]


  • Display all kinds of errno during password input. [Shigeki Morishima]
  • add missing ifdefs [Karel Zak]
  • fix compiler warning [-Werror=implicit-fallthrough=] [Karel Zak]
  • fix whitespace error [Karel Zak]
  • ignore none-existing console devices [Werner Fink]
  • use explicit_bzero() for buffer with password [Karel Zak]


  • do not use atoi() [Karel Zak]


  • be careful when call calloc() for uint64 nmembs [Karel Zak]


  • fallback for partitions not including parent name [Portisch]


  • use lib/procfs.c [Karel Zak]


  • guard asan LD_PRELOAD with use-system-commands check [Ross Burton]


  • use xstrdup() [Karel Zak]


  • (cramfs) make GID and mode use more robust [Karel Zak]
  • (hardlink) add info about number of files to test [Karel Zak]
  • (libmount) add X-* and x-8 options strings tests [Karel Zak]
  • (logger) check for socat [Karel Zak]
  • (lsfd) add a case for listing a fd opening a block device [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (lsfd) add a factory for opening a block device to the helper command [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (lsfd) add a missing word to the test output [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (lsfd) call ts_skip_nonroot earlier [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (lsfd) delete "largefile" flag in the output before the comparison [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (lsfd) don't check an unused program [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (lsfd) don't compare inodes [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (lsfd) don't use findmnt to verify device numbers [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (lsfd) fix file descriptor leaks reported by coverity [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (lsfd) give missing test descriptions [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (lsfd) improve the help messages of test_mkfds helper command [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (lsfd) make DGRAM socketpair to mitigate the change of protoname [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (lsfd) normalize protoname before comparing [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (lsfd) print more information for debugging [Masatake YAMATO]
  • (lsfd) refine the pattern for comparing the output of the commands [Masatake YAMATO]
  • Fix test/misc/swaplabel failure due to change in mkswap behaviour. [Mark Hindley]
  • Skip lsns/ioctl_ns test if unshare fails [Chris Hofstaedtler]
  • add rv64 lscpu test [Karel Zak]
  • add tests for dm-verity support in mount [Vojtěch Eichler]
  • check correct log file for errors in blkdiscard test [Ross Burton]
  • check for dm-verity support [Karel Zak]
  • don't hardcode /bin/kill in the kill tests [Ross Burton]
  • fdisk Layout with more details [Pali Rohár]
  • fdisk Update CHS values in MBR partitions [Pali Rohár]
  • fix fdisk/bsd on big endian systems (tested on sparc64 and ppc64) [Anatoly Pugachev]
  • fix lsns test on kernels without USER namespaces [Anatoly Pugachev]
  • make ./ more robust [Karel Zak]
  • make eject umount tests more robust [Karel Zak]
  • make mount/fstab-all more robust [Karel Zak]
  • make use of subtests [Vojtěch Eichler]
  • mark ul/ul as a known failure [Ross Burton]
  • remove readline from build-sys output [Karel Zak]
  • skip if scsi_debug model file is not accessible [Karel Zak]
  • split additional tests into subtests [Vojtěch Eichler]
  • split cal/color test into subtests [Vojtěch Eichler]
  • split cal/colorw test into subtests [Vojtěch Eichler]
  • split several tests into subtests [Vojtěch Eichler]
  • split test into subtest [Vojtěch Eichler]
  • update build-sys test [Karel Zak]
  • update hardlink --maximum-size [Karel Zak]
  • update hardlink output [Karel Zak]
  • update lscpu output [Karel Zak]
  • update lscpu outputs [Karel Zak]
  • update mountinfo files [Karel Zak]
  • update sfdisk reorder test [Karel Zak]
  • use sub-tests for dm-verity [Karel Zak]
  • use subtests [Vojtěch Eichler]


  • check for root perms at beginning [Karel Zak]


  • add git-tp-sync-man [Karel Zak]
  • allow to update specific files on [Karel Zak]
  • report and use LDFLAGS in tools/config-gen [Karel Zak]


  • use NEWS as a fallback [Karel Zak]


  • Fix left over optind++ [Qais Yousef]
  • use lib/procfs.c [Karel Zak]


  • Add option to automatically create user and group maps [Sean Anderson]
  • Add options to map blocks of user/group IDs [Sean Anderson]
  • Add some helpers for forking and synchronizing [Sean Anderson]
  • Add waitchild helper [Sean Anderson]
  • Document --map-{groups,users,auto} [Sean Anderson]
  • Fix PDEATHSIG race for --kill-child [Earl Chew]
  • Fix doc comments [Sean Anderson]
  • Propagate inherited signal handling to forked child [Earl Chew]
  • call getline() in more robust way [Karel Zak]
  • clear SIGCHLD inherited setting [Karel Zak]
  • fix memory leak [coverity scan] [Karel Zak]
  • fix typo in uint_to_id() [Karel Zak]


  • Improve wording re creation of bind mounts [Michael Kerrisk]
  • Improve wording re namespace creation [Michael Kerrisk]


  • do not use atoi() [Karel Zak]
  • don't ignore sscanf() return code [coverity scan] [Karel Zak]


  • Whitelist libuuid clock file [Stanislav Brabec]
  • fix open/lock state issue [Karel Zak]
  • use snprintf() rather than sprintf() [Karel Zak]


  • mention uuidparse in SEE ALSO [Bruno Heridet]


  • add support for corruption action flag [Luca Boccassi]
  • fix verity.roothashsig only working as last parameter [Luca Boccassi]
  • remove experimental tag from mount manpage [Luca Boccassi]


  • flush stdout before getting answer. [Érico Nogueira]
  • improve child error handling [Tobias Stoeckmann]
  • use snprintf() rather than sprintf() [Karel Zak]


  • add format attribute [Karel Zak]
  • use xgetlogin. [Érico Nogueira]


  • Workaround reported boot-status bits not being present in wd->ident.options [Hans de Goede]
  • add --setpregovernor [Karel Zak]
  • add --setpretimeout [Karel Zak]
  • print the current and available governors [Karel Zak]
  • set_watchdog() refactoring [Karel Zak]
  • sysfs open refactoring [Karel Zak]
  • update man page [Karel Zak]


  • use commands for Bash completions [Smitty]


  • check errno after strto..() [Karel Zak]
  • increase delay after re-read ioctl [Karel Zak]
  • remove dead code [Karel Zak]


  • use snprintf() rather than sprintf() [Karel Zak]


  • add zstd compression algorithm option [Jan Samek]
  • improve usage() output [Karel Zak]

comment:4 by Bruce Dubbs, 2 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

Fixed at commit 676f0fdcecb3d53217a274db1138ff22005bea9a

Package updates.
    Update to sysvinit-3.02.
    Update to zlib-1.2.12.
    Update to expat-2.4.8.
    Update to Jinja2-3.1.1.
    Update to Python-3.10.4.
    Update to procps-ng-4.0.0.
    Update to iproute2-5.17.0.
    Update to meson-0.62.0.
    Update to linux-5.17.1.
    Update to util-linux-2.38.
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