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Not a security update (at least, for now).

What's New in Python 3.10.3 final?

Release date: 2022-03-16

Core and Builtins

  • bpo-46940: Avoid overriding AttributeError metadata information for nested attribute access calls. Patch by Pablo Galindo.
  • bpo-46852: Rename the private undocumented float.__set_format__() method to float.__setformat__() to fix a typo introduced in Python 3.7. The method is only used by test_float. Patch by Victor Stinner.
  • bpo-46794: Bump up the libexpat version into 2.4.6
  • bpo-46820: Fix parsing a numeric literal immediately (without spaces) followed by "not in" keywords, like in 1not in x. Now the parser only emits a warning, not a syntax error.
  • bpo-46762: Fix an assert failure in debug builds when a '<', '>', or '=' is the last character in an f-string that's missing a closing right brace.
  • bpo-46724: Make sure that all backwards jumps use the JUMP_ABSOLUTE instruction, rather than JUMP_FORWARD with an argument of (2**32)+offset.
  • bpo-46732: Correct the docstring for the __bool__ method. Patch by Jelle Zijlstra.
  • bpo-46707: Avoid potential exponential backtracking when producing some syntax errors involving lots of brackets. Patch by Pablo Galindo.
  • bpo-40479: Add a missing call to va_end() in Modules/_hashopenssl.c.
  • bpo-46615: When iterating over sets internally in setobject.c, acquire strong references to the resulting items from the set. This prevents crashes in corner-cases of various set operations where the set gets mutated.
  • bpo-45773: Remove two invalid "peephole" optimizations from the bytecode compiler.
  • bpo-43721: Fix docstrings of ~property.getter, ~property.setter, and ~property.deleter to clarify that they create a new copy of the property.
  • bpo-46503: Fix an assert when parsing some invalid \N escape sequences in f-strings.
  • bpo-46417: Fix a race condition on setting a type __bases__ attribute: the internal function add_subclass() now gets the PyTypeObject.tp_subclasses member after calling PyWeakref_NewRef which can trigger a garbage collection which can indirectly modify PyTypeObject.tp_subclasses. Patch by Victor Stinner.
  • bpo-46383: Fix invalid signature of _zoneinfo's module_free function to resolve a crash on wasm32-emscripten platform.
  • bpo-46070: Py_EndInterpreter now explicitly untracks all objects currently tracked by the GC. Previously, if an object was used later by another interpreter, calling PyObject_GC_UnTrack on the object crashed if the previous or the next object of the PyGC_Head structure became a dangling pointer. Patch by Victor Stinner.
  • bpo-46339: Fix a crash in the parser when retrieving the error text for multi-line f-strings expressions that do not start in the first line of the string. Patch by Pablo Galindo
  • bpo-46240: Correct the error message for unclosed parentheses when the tokenizer doesn't reach the end of the source when the error is reported. Patch by Pablo Galindo
  • bpo-46091: Correctly calculate indentation levels for lines with whitespace character that are ended by line continuation characters. Patch by Pablo Galindo


  • bpo-43253: Fix a crash when closing transports where the underlying socket handle is already invalid on the Proactor event loop.
  • bpo-47004: Apply bugfixes from importlib_metadata 4.11.3, including bugfix for EntryPoint.extras, which was returning match objects and not the extras strings.
  • bpo-46985: Upgrade pip wheel bundled with ensurepip (pip 22.0.4)
  • bpo-46968: faulthandler: On Linux 5.14 and newer, dynamically determine size of signal handler stack size CPython allocates using getauxval(AT_MINSIGSTKSZ). This changes allows for Python extension's request to Linux kernel to use AMX_TILE instruction set on Sapphire Rapids Xeon processor to succeed, unblocking use of the ISA in frameworks.
  • bpo-46955: Expose asyncio.base_events.Server as asyncio.Server. Patch by Stefan Zabka.
  • bpo-23325: The signal module no longer assumes that ~signal.SIG_IGN and ~signal.SIG_DFL are small int singletons.
  • bpo-46932: Update bundled libexpat to 2.4.7
  • bpo-25707: Fixed a file leak in xml.etree.ElementTree.iterparse when the iterator is not exhausted. Patch by Jacob Walls.
  • bpo-44886: Inherit asyncio proactor datagram transport from asyncio.DatagramTransport.
  • bpo-46827: Support UDP sockets in asyncio.loop.sock_connect for selector-based event loops. Patch by Thomas Grainger.
  • bpo-46811: Make test suite support Expat >=2.4.5
  • bpo-46252: Raise TypeError if ssl.SSLSocket is passed to transport-based APIs.
  • bpo-46784: Fix libexpat symbols collisions with user dynamically loaded or statically linked libexpat in embedded Python.
  • bpo-39327: shutil.rmtree can now work with VirtualBox shared folders when running from the guest operating-system.
  • bpo-46756: Fix a bug in urllib.request.HTTPPasswordMgr.find_user_password and urllib.request.HTTPPasswordMgrWithPriorAuth.is_authenticated which allowed to bypass authorization. For example, access to URI example.org/foobar was allowed if the user was authorized for URI example.org/foo.
  • bpo-46643: In :func:typing.get_type_hints, support evaluating stringified ParamSpecArgs and ParamSpecKwargs annotations. Patch by Gregory Beauregard.
  • bpo-45863: When the tarfile module creates a pax format archive, it will put an integer representation of timestamps in the ustar header (if possible) for the benefit of older unarchivers, in addition to the existing full-precision timestamps in the pax extended header.
  • bpo-46676: Make typing.ParamSpec args and kwargs equal to themselves. Patch by Gregory Beauregard.
  • bpo-46672: Fix NameError in asyncio.gather when initial type check fails.
  • bpo-46655: In typing.get_type_hints, support evaluating bare stringified TypeAlias annotations. Patch by Gregory Beauregard.
  • bpo-45948: Fixed a discrepancy in the C implementation of the xml.etree.ElementTree module. Now, instantiating an xml.etree.ElementTree.XMLParser with a target=None keyword provides a default xml.etree.ElementTree.TreeBuilder target as the Python implementation does.
  • bpo-46521: Fix a bug in the codeop module that was incorrectly identifying invalid code involving string quotes as valid code.
  • bpo-46581: Brings ParamSpec propagation for GenericAlias in line with Concatenate (and others).
  • bpo-46591: Make the IDLE doc URL on the About IDLE dialog clickable.
  • bpo-46400: expat: Update libexpat from 2.4.1 to 2.4.4
  • bpo-46487: Add the get_write_buffer_limits method to asyncio.transports.WriteTransport and to the SSL transport.
  • bpo-45173: Note the configparser deprecations will be removed in Python 3.12.
  • bpo-46539: In typing.get_type_hints, support evaluating stringified ClassVar and Final annotations inside Annotated. Patch by Gregory Beauregard.
  • bpo-46491: Allow typing.Annotated to wrap typing.Final and typing.ClassVar. Patch by Gregory Beauregard.
  • bpo-46436: Fix command-line option -d/--directory in module http.server which is ignored when combined with command-line option --cgi. Patch by Géry Ogam.
  • bpo-41403: Make mock.patch raise a TypeError with a relevant error message on invalid arg. Previously it allowed a cryptic AttributeError to escape.
  • bpo-46474: In importlib.metadata.EntryPoint.pattern, avoid potential REDoS by limiting ambiguity in consecutive whitespace.
  • bpo-46469: asyncio generic classes now return types.GenericAlias in __class_getitem__ instead of the same class.
  • bpo-46434: pdb now gracefully handles help when __doc__ is missing, for example when run with pregenerated optimized .pyc files.
  • bpo-46333: The __eq__ and __hash__ methods of typing.ForwardRef now honor the module parameter of typing.ForwardRef. Forward references from different modules are now differentiated.
  • bpo-46246: Add missing __slots__ to importlib.metadata.DeprecatedList. Patch by Arie Bovenberg.
  • bpo-46266: Improve day constants in calendar.

Now all constants (MONDAY ... SUNDAY) are documented, tested, and added to __all__.

  • bpo-46232: The ssl module now handles certificates with bit strings in DN correctly.
  • bpo-43118: Fix a bug in inspect.signature that was causing it to fail on some subclasses of classes with a __text_signature__ referencing module globals. Patch by Weipeng Hong.
  • bpo-26552: Fixed case where failing asyncio.ensure_future did not close the coroutine. Patch by Kumar Aditya.
  • bpo-21987: Fix an issue with tarfile.TarFile.getmember getting a directory name with a trailing slash.
  • bpo-20392: Fix inconsistency with uppercase file extensions in MimeTypes.guess_type. Patch by Kumar Aditya.
  • bpo-46080: Fix exception in argparse help text generation if a argparse.BooleanOptionalAction argument's default is argparse.SUPPRESS and it has help specified. Patch by Felix Fontein.
  • bpo-44439: Fix .write() method of a member file in ZipFile, when the input data is an object that supports the buffer protocol, the file length may be wrong.
  • bpo-45703: When a namespace package is imported before another module from the same namespace is created/installed in a different sys.path location while the program is running, calling the importlib.invalidate_caches function will now also guarantee the new module is noticed.
  • bpo-24959: Fix bug where unittest sometimes drops frames from tracebacks of exceptions raised in tests.
  • bpo-44791: Fix substitution of ~typing.ParamSpec in ~typing.Concatenate with different parameter expressions. Substitution with a list of types returns now a tuple of types. Substitution with Concatenate returns now a Concatenate with concatenated lists of arguments.
  • bpo-14156: argparse.FileType now supports an argument of '-' in binary mode, returning the .buffer attribute of sys.stdin/sys.stdout as appropriate. Modes including 'x' and 'a' are treated equivalently to 'w' when argument is '-'. Patch contributed by Josh Rosenberg


  • bpo-46463: Fixes escape4chm.py script used when building the CHM documentation file


  • bpo-46913: Fix test_faulthandler.test_sigfpe() if Python is built with undefined behavior sanitizer (UBSAN): disable UBSAN on the faulthandler_sigfpe() function. Patch by Victor Stinner.
  • bpo-46708: Prevent default asyncio event loop policy modification warning after test_asyncio execution.
  • bpo-46678: The function make_legacy_pyc in Lib/test/support/import_helper.py no longer fails when PYTHONPYCACHEPREFIX is set to a directory on a different device from where tempfiles are stored.
  • bpo-46616: Ensures test_importlib.test_windows cleans up registry keys after completion.
  • bpo-44359: test_ftplib now silently ignores socket errors to prevent logging unhandled threading exceptions. Patch by Victor Stinner.
  • bpo-46542: Fix a Python crash in test_lib2to3 when using Python built in debug mode: limit the recursion limit. Patch by Victor Stinner.
  • bpo-46576: test_peg_generator now disables compiler optimization when testing compilation of its own C extensions to significantly speed up the testing on non-debug builds of CPython.
  • bpo-46542: Fix test_json tests checking for RecursionError: modify these tests to use support.infinite_recursion(). Patch by Victor Stinner.
  • bpo-13886: Skip test_builtin PTY tests on non-ASCII characters if the readline module is loaded. The readline module changes input() behavior, but test_builtin is not intented to test the readline module. Patch by Victor Stinner.


  • bpo-47032: Ensure Windows install builds fail correctly with a non-zero exit code when part of the build fails.
  • bpo-47024: Update OpenSSL to 1.1.1n for macOS installers and all Windows builds.
  • bpo-38472: Fix GCC detection in setup.py when cross-compiling. The C compiler is now run with LC_ALL=C. Previously, the detection failed with a German locale.
  • bpo-46513: :program:configure no longer uses AC_C_CHAR_UNSIGNED macro and pyconfig.h no longer defines reserved symbol __CHAR_UNSIGNED__.
  • bpo-45925: Update Windows installer to use SQLite 3.37.2.


Trimed as the entires are unrelated with LFS.


Trimed as the entries are unrelated with LFS.


  • bpo-46630: Make query dialogs on Windows start with a cursor in the entry box.
  • bpo-45296: Clarify close, quit, and exit in IDLE. In the File menu, 'Close' and 'Exit' are now 'Close Window' (the current one) and 'Exit' is now 'Exit IDLE' (by closing all windows). In Shell, 'quit()' and 'exit()' mean 'close Shell'. If there are no other windows, this also exits IDLE.
  • bpo-45447: Apply IDLE syntax highlighting to .pyi files. Patch by Alex Waygood and Terry Jan Reedy.


  • bpo-46433: The internal function _PyType_GetModuleByDef now correctly handles inheritance patterns involving static types.
  • bpo-14916: Fixed bug in the tokenizer that prevented PyRun_InteractiveOne from parsing from the provided FD.

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