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Reported by: Bruce Dubbs Owned by: lfs-book
Priority: normal Milestone: 11.2
Component: Book Version: git
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New major version.

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comment:1 by Bruce Dubbs, 18 months ago

Summary: procps-ng-4,0,0procps-ng-4.0.0

comment:2 by Xi Ruoyao, 18 months ago


  • Rename pwait to pidwait
  • free: Add committed line option merge #25
  • free: Fix -h --si combined options issue #133, #223
  • free: Fix first column justification issue #229, #204, #206, Debian #1001689
  • free: Better spacing for Chinese language issue #213
  • library: renamed to libproc-2 and reset to 0:0:0
  • library: add support for accessing smaps_rollup issue #112, #201
  • library: add support for accessing autogroups
  • library: add support for LIBPROC_HIDE_KERNEL env var merge #147
  • library: add support for cpu utilization to pids i/f
  • pkill: Check for lt- variants of program name issue #192
  • pgrep: Add newline after regex error message merge #91
  • pgrep: Fix selection where uid/gid > 231 merge !146
  • pgrep: Select on cgroup v2 paths issue #168
  • ps: Add OOM and OOMADJ fields issue #198
  • ps: Add IO Accounting fields issue #184
  • ps: Add PSS and USS fields issue #112
  • ps: Add two new autogroup fields
  • ps: Ignore SIGURG merge !142
  • slabtop: Don't combine d and o options issue #160
  • sysctl: Add support for systemd glob patterns issue #191
  • sysctl: Check resolved path to be under /proc/sys issue #179
  • sysctl: return non-zero if EINVAL return for write merge #76
  • sysctl.conf.5: Note max line length issue #77
  • top: added LOGID similar to 3.3.13 ps LUID
  • top: added EXE identical to 3.3.17 ps EXE
  • top: exploit some library smaps_rollup provisions issue #112
  • top: added four new IO accounting fields issue #184
  • top: 'F' key is now a new forest view 'focus' toggle
  • top: summary area memory lines can print two abreast
  • top: added two new autogroup fields
  • top: added long versions of command line options
  • top: added cpu utilization & 2 time related fields
  • top: the time related fields can now be user scaled
  • uptime: print short/pretty format correctly issue #217
  • vmstat: add -y option to remove first line merge !72

comment:3 by Xi Ruoyao, 18 months ago

  • library: renamed to libproc-2 and reset to 0:0:0

On my system there is nothing (except, the programs from procps itself) using libprocps, so I think we can update this for LFS.

If something in BLFS needs the old libprocps library we can add it as a new BLFS package.

  • Rename pwait to pidwait

LFS bootscript does not use pwait command.

comment:4 by Xi Ruoyao, 18 months ago

One test, free with commit, fails on my system. free --commit outputs:

               total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:        32707036     4526000     2158164     6449372    26022872    21257008
Swap:              0           0           0
Comm:       16353516    19282736    -2929220

Note the negative value. Not sure the reason but my /proc/meminfo really says:

CommitLimit:    16353516 kB
Committed_AS:   19178268 kB

So maybe it's my kernel issue.

comment:5 by Bruce Dubbs, 18 months ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

Fixed at commit 676f0fdcecb3d53217a274db1138ff22005bea9a

Package updates.
    Update to sysvinit-3.02.
    Update to zlib-1.2.12.
    Update to expat-2.4.8.
    Update to Jinja2-3.1.1.
    Update to Python-3.10.4.
    Update to procps-ng-4.0.0.
    Update to iproute2-5.17.0.
    Update to meson-0.62.0.
    Update to linux-5.17.1.
    Update to util-linux-2.38.
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