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New point version. Some fixes are security related.

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Release 2.2.1 Sat June 17 2017

Security fixes:

CVE-2017-9233 -- External entity infinite loop DoS

Details: Commit c4bf96bb51dd2a1b0e185374362ee136fe2c9d7f

[MOX-002] CVE-2016-9063 -- Detect integer overflow; commit

d4f735b88d9932bd5039df2335eefdd0723dbe20 (Fixed version of existing downstream patches!)

( #539 Fix regression from fix to CVE-2016-0718 cutting off

longer tag names; commits

#16 * 0dbbf43fdb20f593ddf4fa1ff67288000dd4a7fd #25 More integer overflow detection (function poolGrow); commits

[MOX-002] Detect overflow from len=INT_MAX call to XML_Parse; commits

[MOX-005] #30 Use high quality entropy for hash initialization:

[MOX-005] For the low quality entropy extraction fallback code,

the parser instance address can no longer leak, commit 04ad658bd3079dd15cb60fc67087900f0ff4b083

[MOX-003] Prevent use of uninitialised variable; commit [MOX-004] a4dc944f37b664a3ca7199c624a98ee37babdb4b

Add missing parameter validation to public API functions

and dedicated error code XML_ERROR_INVALID_ARGUMENT:

[MOX-006] * NULL checks; commits

  • Negative length (XML_Parse); commit

[MOX-002] 70db8d2538a10f4c022655d6895e4c3e78692e7f [MOX-001] #35 Change hash algorithm to William Ahern's version of SipHash

to go further with fixing CVE-2012-0876.

Bug fixes:

#32 Fix sharing of hash salt across parsers;

relevant where XML_ExternalEntityParserCreate is called prior to XML_Parse, in particular (e.g. FBReader)

#28 xmlwf: Auto-disable use of memory-mapping (and parsing

as a single chunk) for files larger than ~1 GB (230 bytes) rather than failing with error "out of memory"

#3 Fix double free after malloc failure in DTD code; commit


#17 Fix memory leak on parser error for unbound XML attribute

prefix with new namespaces defined in the same tag; found by Google's OSS-Fuzz; commits

xmlwf on Windows: Add missing calls to CloseHandle

New features:

#30 Introduced environment switch EXPAT_ENTROPY_DEBUG=1

for runtime debugging of entropy extraction

Other changes:

Increase code coverage

#33 Reject use of XML_UNICODE_WCHAR_T with sizeof(wchar_t) != 2;

XML_UNICODE_WCHAR_T was never meant to be used outside of Windows; 4-byte wchar_t is common on Linux

( #538 Start using -fno-strict-aliasing ( #540 Support compilation against cloudlibc of CloudABI

Allow MinGW cross-compilation

( #534 CMake: Introduce option "BUILD_doc" (enabled by default)

to bypass compilation of the xmlwf.1 man page

( pr2 CMake: Introduce option "INSTALL" (enabled by default)

to bypass installation of expat files

CMake: Fix ninja support Autotools: Add parameters --enable-xml-context [COUNT]

and --disable-xml-context; default of context of 1024 bytes enabled unchanged

#14 Drop AmigaOS 4.x code and includes #14 Drop ancient build systems:

  • Borland C++ Builder
  • OpenVMS
  • Open Watcom
  • Visual Studio 6.0
  • Pre-X Mac OS (MPW Makefile) If you happen to rely on some of these, please get in touch for joining with maintenance.

#10 Move from WIN32 to _WIN32 #13 Fix "make run-xmltest" order instability

Address compile warnings Bump version info from 7:2:6 to 7:3:6 Add AUTHORS file


#1 Migrate from SourceForge to GitHub (except downloads):

#1 Re-create project website

Start utilizing Travis CI

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